Is Jennifer Aniston Dating In 2021? Who is Her Mystery Boyfriend?

Jennifer Aniston back to dating!

According to sources, Jennifer Aniston is back in the mood of dating. The actress also got a makeover before entering the dating scene after a long time. The actress has finally found a perfect man to spend her life with.

An insider said-“She looked amazing. And there was this sparkle in her eye that I hadn’t seen in a long time.”

It has also been reported that Jennifer Aniston shares a lot of things with her mystery boyfriend. She has not announced anything publicly related to her new relationship. But according to sources, everything is working great in her new relationship with this mystery boyfriend.

According to sources-“They were both instrumental in convincing Jen to take the leap of faith and meet him for one date. Jen has been burned so many times that she resisted at first, and who can blame her? But both Reese and Mark know the guy and vouched for him, and Jen finally agreed to give him a chance.”

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The source also added- “She refuses to reveal his identity yet publicly, but it won’t be long before they’re spotted out together. Apparently, he’s quite a catch, so like her new hairdo, I’m sure Jen can’t wait to show him off.”

The source also talks about the similarities between Jennifer Aniston and the mystery man by saying- “They have tons in common, much more than she did with Justin Theroux or Brad Pitt. They both love to cook and watch independent and foreign movies. They’re both dog lovers. It doesn’t hurt, too, that he’s so handsome and makes her laugh and feel safe. She trusts him.”

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One of the most lovely things for Jennifer Aniston in her mystery boyfriend is that he is not involved in the business. The mystery boyfriend is also not a fan of her show named Friends.

The source says- “He’s unfazed by it all, which is so refreshing to Jen. Chris McMillan, her hairstylist, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow met him over Zoom, and they all approve. That goes a long way with Jen, who couldn’t be happier.”

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Jennifer Aniston was earlier married to Brad Pitt in 2000. The couple split after five years in 2005. After this, the actress married Justin Theroux in 2015. However, their marriage could not work, and the couple decided to get a divorce in 2018.

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