Its Blake Lively Trivia Time: Six Unknown Facts About This Megastar

Egoistic or confident?

Blake Lively is a barely unheard name. In fact, it is the opposite. Being a public personality, her life is an open journal for people to see. But here are a few hidden pages from that journal that team Leftoye has pulled out for you: 

A Shark Warrior 

While most people would dread a shark encounter thinking that the giant animal might kill them, Blake Lively does not fear them. Working closely around the theme of a shark faceoff in Shallows she learned a great deal about how harmless sharks actually are. 

Not an entrepreneur material 

Well, Blake Lively is sure one of the shiniest stars in Hollywood but she has reached here with her own shares of struggles and failures. Like many celebrities, she too wanted to try her hands on launching a brand of her own. 

In 2014, she started an e-commerce portal called ‘Preserve’. Unfortunately, the business did not do well and had to shut down within one year of its functioning. A major oops moment right there! 

A plastic surgery that she is confident about 

Hollywood has a lot of judgments attached to surgeries and celebrities often try to hide the fact that they might have gone through one to avoid bad publicity. But it takes a really woke person to understand that there is nothing wrong with anyone getting plastic surgery.  

Unafraid of public perception, Blake Lively has always been out and about her nose plastic surgery. Now that is the kind of confidence that we all need being 21st-century women, don’t we!?

Blake Lively’s net worth? Off the roof! 

One of the richest celebrities in town, Blake Lively is a queen of 16 million worth of assets. Her net worth becomes a testimony of how successful and hardworking she is.  

Egoistic or confident? 

Blake Lively often does not come in the ‘oh my goodness so many tantrums’ list. She is that actress who lives on her own terms, even if it is on a set. Be it getting her hair done or rewriting lines, she is known to be a one-woman army who likes to handle it all by herself. While some might consider this an act of ego, from where we see it, that is just self-faith and confidence: two things that really make you self-sustainable. 

Baby weight? Not a fear 

She is a proud mommy of three beautiful kids and her body really does not look like it once carried three bodies within. She is very particular about her diet and workout and therefore we always see her bounce back after delivery and she gets back in shape in no time. No secrets here, just consistency and hard work! 

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates.

Cover Image Source: Twitter

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