It’s The Greek God’s Birthday! Five Reasons Why Hrithik Roshan Was Declared Asia’s Sexiest Man

What is your anti-aging secret, Hrithik?

Hola world, it’s time for some good news: Hrithik Roshan was declared the sexiest Asian man for 2019 and the entire decade by British newsweekly, Eastern Eye, a UK based agency. Not that we need any poll to certify this but hey, thanks! Now the whole world knows what Indian men are made of. *winks*

The editor of the Easter Eye, Asjad Nazir commented “Hrithik is the most-voted star since the list was founded 16 years ago and has consistently shown there is more to him than the Greek God looks and physique”.

Here are five reasons why Hrithik is the king of hearts and Asia’s sexiest man: 


Come on, it would be a lie if you tell us you have never stopped to drool over that perfectly chiseled jawline and those six-pack abs. He was one of the first Indian actors to inspire a whole generation of people towards adopting a fitter lifestyle. 

We have often seen him do shirtless action scenes and his angry young man look perfectly complements that insanely sexy physique

#2 Hrithik loves challenging himself 

You take any Hrithik Roshan movie, you will mostly find him playing a very different character. Unlike actors who prefer to have a niche of their own where they become representatives of a particular set of characters, Hrithik stands out. He constantly pushes himself to take up diverse roles and explore different sides of acting. 

From being a blind character in Kaabil to playing a soldier in Lakshya, he has aced whatever role he steps into. 

#3 Dance Legend of B Town 

Whenever someone talks about the best dancer in Bollywood, there is only one name in everyone’s mind: Hrithik Roshan. Remember Senorita, na?  

#4 A Hrithik Roshan Movie = 3 hours of thorough entertainment  

Hrithik Roshan is known for being picky about scripts. This is why we don’t see him too often on the big screen. But when he does pick a movie, we already know that it is going to be a blockbuster. 

Fans, therefore, wait throughout the year for his movies to come out and when they do, Hrithik sure delivers.  

#5 Unbeaten Personality & Confidence 

You know what’s really sexy? Something no amount of looks can beat? A bomb personality and unshakable confidence. And Asia’s sexiest man, Hrithik Roshan has both of them!  

While commenting on his honor, he said, “Just a person’s looks are not relevant in the larger scheme of things. I don’t judge people by the way they look. Similarly, I don’t judge myself either by the way I look. What is attractive in a person is his/her story, journey and the way that person has dealt with situations in his/her own life. Looking a certain way for my characters is just a part of my job, which takes a lot of effort and hard work.”

Happy Birthday, Hrithik Roshan!

This Greek God turns 46 today and as he blows the candles, we wish him all the love and luck for the upcoming year. 

News is that he is currently shooting for Krrish 4. Another superhero Hrithik Roshan movie? BRING IT ON! 

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