Jason Momoa Admits Dune Is The Biggest Project He’s Ever Worked On

“I’ve never worked with a director on this scale.

Onscreen and real life king of badassery Jason Momoa, has been a part of Game of Thrones, Aquaman, and Conan the Barbarian, but he claims that his role in the awaited Dune movie is the biggest ever of his career.

With the Dune Trailer out last week, novel series fans and new fans are hyped to see the second attempt of adapting the cult classic novel Dune into a big-budget movie. Jason Momoa has added to the hype by talking to Cinemablend. Momoa talked about how different the experience of playing the role of his character, Duncan Idaho is to his previous fictional roles in Aquaman and Game of Thrones especially in terms of how physically demanding it was for him and hailed Denis Villenueve as a ‘cinematic genius’.

“How does this compare? Well, I’ve never worked with a director on this scale. Denis is a cinematic genius, and generally all the action stuff that I’ve done has been nowhere, even remotely close to Denis. Just watching some of the moves that I would do, and going behind the camera and seeing Greig’s eye, with Denis, I’ve never seen something so beautiful in a fight scene. Generally the things that I do don’t look that good. So thank you, Denis.” Praised the Aquaman star

Jason Momoa plays the role of elite sword-master Duncan Idaho, loyal to House Atreides and a right-hand man of the Duke Leto Atreides played by Oscar Isaac. The character plays an important role in guiding the series protagonist Paul Atreides played by Timothée Chalamet. The macho actor also shared an instance from the scenes he shot in the beautiful yet brutal desert of Jordan which made him bawling ‘like a little baby’.

“There were moments where, you know, you don’t want to b****. And it was funny because Denis — I’ve never run this much in my life, and Denis had me run across the desert because the sun was setting and so we had to get the shot and I had to run through this windstorm. I had to run to Timothee [Chalamet]. I couldn’t see where I was going. All I wanted to, I just didn’t want to fall on my face and I didn’t want to disappoint [Denis Villeneuve]. I’m not the best runner, but I was like, ‘I’m not giving up.’ The amount of chaffing, and the sweat that had built up. But I was like, ‘I’m not gonna give up. I’m not going to give up!’ But inside, I was crying like a little baby.

Dune is set to hit theaters on 18th December. Check out the trailer below-

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