Jason Momoa And Dave Bautista’s Buddy Cop Movie Is Actually Happening

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Dave Bautista once joked about making a buddy cop movie, like the Lethal Weapon movies of the 1980’s and 90’s, with Jason Momoa. That joke is no longer a joke; it’s actually happening.

Earlier this month, Dave Bautista shared his thoughts on his Twitter account.

In one of the tweets from August 19, Bautista candidly meddled with the idea of having him and his friend Jason Momoa star together in a “Lethal Weapon type” movie and his wish was granted. The 52-year-old former wrestler and now actor tweeted:

“Just going to throw this out into the atmosphere and see what happens. Here we go… Me and Momoa in a Lethal Weapon type buddy cop movie directed by David Leitch. Ok! There it is. Now we wait.”

It didn’t take a lot of time for this idea to manifest into an actual project. The “Lethal Weapon” type movie, which will be starring Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista, was confirmed to be happening by Jason himself. The 42-year-old actor and Game Of Thrones star talked about it on The Late Late Show with James Corden

“It’s amazing — you try to work your whole career to get an opportunity like this, and he (Dave Bautista) just tweets something (to make it happen).

“And then I got asked about it on Corden, and now our phones won’t stop ringing. So, it’s safe to say that one is happening.”

Jason found the whole situation hilarious. He continued further saying that he hopes the movie’s shooting takes place in Hawaii, and revealed that Bautista had texted him(Jason) with the idea even before tweeting it.

“He did text me first, which is how respectful he is.”

“I was like, ‘Hell yes. Tell me where to sign, I’m in.’ And then it turns out he just tweeted it right after getting my approval. And then it went viral. You’re like, ‘All right, well, it’s that easy. Let’s do it, buddy.'”

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As exciting as it sounds, Dave Bautista and Jason Momoa’s “Lethal Weapon type” movie won’t be the first time the two hunks share the screen together.

Jason and Bautista have both appeared in season two of See, a post-apocalyptic science fiction TV series where the two play brothers of the same family. They will also be starring together in the highly anticipated adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel, Dune, by Denis Villeneuve, in which Jason plays the role of Duncan Idaho, while Bautista plays the role of Glossu Rabban.

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