Jason Momoa And His Harley Davidson Cruise Their Way To A Canadian Burger Joint

A Quest For Burgers Must Always Be Fulfilled.

Jason Momoa rode his Harley Davison bike to a burger joint in Toronto, Canada. Now, this may seem like a casual task for an ordinary person but when Jason Momoa does something, he makes sure to go all out with his style.

Jason Momoa whose passion for heavy metal made the band, Scour, include him in their latest banger. Similarly, his love for rat bikes stood out to the biggest name in the bike industry, Harley Davidson, as they collaborated with Momoa and his cinematic skills to shoot a video showcasing their ‘Until We Ride’ campaign.

Now Jason Momoa is riding his custom Harley Davidson in Toronto where he is back to shoot the second season of the Apple TV+’s Sci-fi series- ‘See’. Jason Momoa and his Harley Davison made their way to have lunch with friends at a Burger joint and the Dune star drew attention with his style. Momoa was all swagged up as he wore a non-biker jacket in the shade of his signature stereotype-breaking light pink colour which he has worn on several occasions and stated his love in an photoshoot with InStyle “Pink is just a beautiful color, and I’m pretty secure in my masculinity. I don’t really give a s— what anyone thinks.”

The pink jacket was worn along with roughed up camo pants, and the outfit was complimented with a magenta scarf, a retro helmet and pink sunglasses shaped in the likeness of Elton John’s style. His drip looked even more majestic as his brown locks flew in the air.

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After reaching the joint, he parked his Harley Davidson and met his biker friends, weirdly enough without a mask. Jason Momoa sat outside with his friends taking care of social distancing.

‘See’ features Jason Momoa as the lead, playing the character of Baba Voss who leads Alkenny tribe in the post-apocalytic world where humans have lost their ability of sight after surviving the apocalypse. Voss is the father of two twins who mysteriously posses the ability to see. The sees Jason Momoa protecting his tribe against all manners of danger.

Check out the trailer for ‘See’ season 1 below-

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