Jason Momoa And Timothée Chalamet’s Cuddly Friendship On Set Of Dune

Director Denis Villeneuve talks about their bond

Jason Momoa and Timothée Chalamet are the new friends on the block as the director of the now delayed and awaited Dune movie, Denis Villeneuve talked about the bond that the cast of Dune and especially the two actors have formed behind-the-scenes that affect their on-screen chemistry.

In an interview with GQ, Denis Villeneuve talked about how the 24-year-old Timothée who plays the role of Paul Atreides in Dune interacted with the much older cast of the film stating “I felt like Timothée was deeply seduced — or maybe not seduced, but I just felt it was like a kid being with older brothers,”, which is not odd considering the fact that Denis has admitted that Chalamet “looks so young on camera. Sometimes he’d look almost 14 years old.” which is essential to play the protagonist of Dune, Paul who is a 15-year-old thrown into the politics of the desert planet, Arrakis where he has to mature in order to survive.

Then Villeneuve talked the bond formed between Jason Momoa and Timothée Chalamet off-screen and how it affected their wholesome scene from the jaw-dropping trailer, where Momoa who is playing the role of the swordmaster Duncan Idaho in service to House Atreides, runs towards Paul (Timothée) and lifts him up high in the air as if he were a kid.

“He was younger, he was the little one on set, and everybody loved him. There’s a scene in the movie where Timothée runs into the arms of Jason Momoa, and Jason grabs him like a puppy and lifts him into the air like he was a feather. And that’s real! They really loved each other. It was very beautiful to see this young man being influenced by these people he admires.”

Denis also talked about how Chalamet had to find the correct way to interact and lead multitudes of people on the set just like his character is supposed to “I think for him the big thing was to learn how to create his own bubble on set,” said Villeneuve. “So that he would not have to try to be the friend of everyone. When you’re on a smaller set, when there’s 25 people, you can be friendly with 25 people. When there’s 800 people around, you cannot be friends with 800 people. It’s too much. So how to save your energy, how to focus, how to give himself permission to be in his bubble and make sure that his bubble is respected.”

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