Jason Momoa ‘Aquaman’ Head Over Heels About The New Metallica Album

‘If You’re a Jason Momoa Fan, You’re a Metallica Fan’

Jason Momoa received a copy of Metallica’s S&M2 as “a special present in the mail”, and made a video to share his alpha exuberance about the album and posted it on Instagram. He received it in advance, 2 days prior to the release date (28th August).

“I got a really special present in the mail and I just want to show you some of it,” spoke the Game of Thrones star with childish excitement in his 5-minute video, he held the physical box-set copy of the Album which contained four LPs, two CDs, and a Blu-ray recording Metallica’s 2019 live concerts with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

“It’s got everything in it, man. It’s amazing,” rejoiced Momoa.

He had watched the Blu-ray video of Metallica’s performance night before with his children, Nakoa-Wolf and Lola, which he had with his wife Lisa Bonet.

He kept complimenting his personal favourite band and held the album in his arm as if it were a fine piece of art, and made the bold statement “If you’re a Metallica fan, you’re a Jason Momoa fan. If you’re a Jason Momoa fan, you’re a Metallica fan.” Momoa then shared with his fans a sneak-peak of the band’s recorded performance and joked “Don’t sue me.”

Momoa has always oozed metal and hard rock vibes, from his Biker-grunge outfits, love for Rat Bikes, passion for playing the guitar and officially confessing his obsession with Black Sabbath, Slayer, Pantera, Tool and especially Metallica,  throughout his interviews over the years.

Jason was also a part of Black Sabbath’s teaser for their new album “Ordinary Man”, Where he dressed and mouthed their lyrics as the Band’s lead Ozzy Osbourne.

What is this Special Metallica Album?

Symphony and Metallica 2 orS&M2  is a sequel to the band’s collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony orchestra which was made in 1999. The premise of the album is to mix classical orchestral skills of the ensemble with Metallica’s Heavy Metal songs.

Metallica also played along with Momoa’s joke of a lawsuit for sharing snippets of the video, jesting “Wait a minute… who sent an early copy of S&M2 to this dude??? Heads are gonna roll! Glad you diggit, bro! We hope everyone out there digs it too!” on their Facebook Page.

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