Jason Momoa Goes Full-Metal In Scour’s New Banger ‘DOOM’ With Philip Anselmo

Let Him Join The Band Already!

Jason Momoa has never been shy about his love for heavy-metal music from his fondness of biker culture and his over-excitement for the new Metallica album. Now his passion has come to fruition as the upcoming Dune star has contributed his manly voice to the new Scour song ‘DOOM’.

Jason Momoa’s screaming vocals have been recorded alongside the lead, Philip Anselmo for the new song ‘DOOM’ which released yesterday and is to be featured on the Heavy Metal Band, Scour’s latest EP- ‘The Black EP’. Jason Momoa seems to have shined in Philip’s heart, as he claimed their new songs to be their best ever.

 “The latest SCOUR is the best SCOUR,” claimed Anselmo. “This is our most fierce and ripping album to date,” stated Derek Engemann, who is the guitarist for the group. “Completing the EP trilogy, The Black EP brings a more mature musical approach without compromising the utter relentless brutality. We’ve got a few special gems as well that I’m stoked for people to hear.”

Jason Momoa’s friendship with metal icon, Philip Anselmo isn’t something new as Jason attended the last concert of slayer where Anselmo’s older band, Pantera performed as well. Jason not only got access to backstage but also got go out on the stage, head-bang and sing band. He even brought his children- Lola Iolani and Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha who are also fans of the genre, along with him. He posted his experience with his fans on Instagram.

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Jason Momoa stated about the experience that “going on stage and yelling love love LOVE with my baby boy and pantera. aka @philiphanselmo and the illegals my mind was blown F** BLOWN. i was living out my childhood dreams. i am so thankful for those moments shared with dear friends and my babies. it’s crazy to think of slayer and anthrax and metallica as ohana but they are love u guys. and to finally meet les claypool was legendary PRIMUS. RHCP AND RAGE was what i grew up on skateboarding and DROGO wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t @panteraofficial love ya phil. i’ve trained and bleed and fought my way to where i am. listening to these legends mahalo nui for your music and endless inspiration. slayers last show on tour. what a f*** night. love you @garyholt_official @tomarayaofficial paul and kerry @slayerbandofficial mahalo for having da momoas. babies i hope you remember these moments with you”

Check out the Jason Momoa featurette song below-

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