Jason Momoa Is Back To Work And This Is Why He’s Going Insane!

He’s doing well, but not quite!

“I’m awesome. But not really” is how Jason Momoa described his current state of being. The actor recently traveled to Canada to start filming but has to first self-isolate for two weeks, as per standard protocol.

Speaking to The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah, Jason Momoa revealed everything about his present quarantine life and how he spent the lockdown with his family.

For the Aquaman star, the lockdown was a much needed reset. “I think it’s really beautiful. I never get to be home so I got to be home with my babies and they’re 11 and 13 so it’s a very beautiful time to be home,” he said.

This was also the perfect time for Jason to work on himself as well as on his marriage with Lisa Bonet, his longtime partner whom he married in 2017.

“Me and my wife, we’ve been together 14 years. It’s been a beautiful time to work on us because I spent years trying to build a career to where I actually did stuff that I loved to do, which now I have that career, it was not the case 22 years ago.”

“So it’s just been good to be home and now I’m back to work,” Momoa shared. He further added how it’s sad that he can’t see his kids now because they’d have to quarantine for a couple weeks. “It’s the first time I’ve ever been away from my family for this long.”

Is Jason Momoa losing his mind in quarantine?

So, is Jason Momoa losing his mind being away from his kids and wife Lisa Bonet? Well, yes.

“Quarantine is kinda gnarly,” the actor said, but it’s listening to music and learning new instruments that’s keeping him sane. “I brought my guitars and my drums,” Momoa said as he showed his collection.

“I’m going to learn how to play stand-up bass and I’m going to learn how to play mandolin.” Momoa revealed he has plans to learn the trumpet too but didn’t bring it along this time as his daughter is learning it.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet together have a daughter, Lola Iolani, and a son, Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha.

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