Jason Momoa Supports Co-Star Ray Fisher with #IStandWithRayFisher


‘Aquaman’ star Jason Momoa has come to aid for his Cyborg co-star Ray Fisher, as he is embroiled in an ongoing twitter fight against the studio that produced the infamous ‘Justice League’, Warner Bros.

Momoa joined in on the fight on 8th September, as he posted a story on his Instagram in support of Ray’s allegations by using #IStandWithRayFisher. Ray was joyful that Jason joined his side and shared a screenshot of the story and tweeted it.

The fight got heated on Friday when Ray tweeted that Geoff Johns, the president of DC films approached the actor to scapegoat director Joss Whedon and producer Jon Berg. 

“After speaking out about Justice League, I received a phone call from the President of DC Films wherein he attempted to throw Joss Whedon and Jon Berg under the bus in hopes that I would relent on Geoff Johns.” Alleged Ray

Ray spilled the tea on 1st July by tweeting “Joss Whedon’s on-set treatment of the cast and crew of Justice League was gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable.” Fisher also said, “He (Joss) was enabled, in many ways, by Geoff Johns and Jon Berg.”

After which Warner Bros. Studio hired an investigator to look into the matter, but the investigation was not leaning towards Fisher’s side as the studio accused the actor of not co-operating with the hired investigator. Ray believes that the investigator is completely biased to the studio as he posted a tweet saying “Thank you all for the support and for seeing through @wbpictures desperate and scattershot attempt to discredit me to continue protecting those in power.” He also posted a conversation he has with his team.

“I met with the investigator via Zoom on Aug 26th Below is an email I sent to my team and @sagaftra.”

Luckily for him, Momoa has joined his side, though he didn’t make a public statement about his stance, the #IStandWithRayFisher was enough for the fans to know what the Aquaman star meant. Jason Momoa is the first co-star to respond to Fisher’s allegations, while the other heroes have been calm about it so far.

Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher are coming back together for the awaited Snyder-cut of Justice League, which was only made possible by the sole dedication of fans to fight against the corporations.

Check out the trailer below-

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