Jason Momoa Talks About His Regret Of Not Playing The Bass Guitar

“I wish that I had that opportunity, but I’m making up for lost time.”

Jason Momoa has always been open about his love for heavy metal and his grungy aesthetics, and now this headbanging Aquaman talked about his newfound passion for playing the bass.

The Braven star, Jason Momoa, was interviewed by Guitar World magazine about his taste in music, and of course, his craze for guitars!

When Momoa was asked about what kind of artists he listened to as a teenager, he darted off by listing the names of his favs like he had them written on the back of his hand.

“Pantera, Rage Against The Machine, Primus, Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers,” listed Jason Momoa and also added that he doesn’t limit his taste to just one genre. “I really, really love John Frusciante and Flea, they’re really huge in my life. Tool, too. I listen to pretty much all of it. A lot of the music I search for is a lot more off the beaten path nowadays. I respect everyone out there doing it, because it’s so hard and so challenging, and I just try not to judge.”  

Jason Momoa’s hyped energy also opened the doors for the 41-year-old actor to perform alongside his beloved band, Slayer, which had their final show in 2019. He also let his kids tag along for the once in a lifetime experience.

When and where did Jason Momoa find his love for guitars?

While it may seem that Jason Momoa was born to be passionate about metal rock and playing guitars, that wasn’t the case. Jason revealed that there was not even a single ounce of a passion for playing guitars anywhere near the small town of Iowa where he lived in at the time.

“I grew up really, really poor, and my mom worked frickin’ four jobs. I didn’t have any money, so I never could get a guitar or a bass. I come from a very small town in Iowa where there was no-one playing bass like that or listening to music like that.”

It was all thanks to the skateboarding culture that was booming, that introduced Jason Momoa to what he was missing in his life.

“I discovered that music by going out to a skateboard park in Nebraska and hearing it. That cool counterculture of skateboarding helped me find those things, because I did not find them in my home town.”

While guitars are good and all, Jason Momoa only recently discovered the amazingness that the bass guitar. When the actor was on the set of Aquaman, he tried to do things differently and tried to play the instrument, only to find himself falling in love with it.

“We were on the set of Aquaman. I always have instruments on the set, so my son was playing drums and my daughter was playing guitar. It was my assistant’s birthday, and she really loves Tool, so I borrowed a bass from my buddy and we all played Sober for her. Right then, my passion for bass really exploded. The moment I put it on, I could just feel the connection – and it was all over.”

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