Jennifer Aniston Is In A ‘Peaceful Place’ Right Now: “I Wish We Could Freeze Time”

Therapy gave her a positive mindset!

Jennifer Aniston used therapy to deal with the scrutiny over her personal life

Jennifer Aniston has been a big name in Hollywood for almost 30 years now. The 54-year-old actress gained fame through the most popular sitcom in the 90s, ‘Friends.‘ She has been a part of various famous and high rated movies like, Bruce Almighty, We Are The Millers, Rumour Has It, Meley & Me and various others. Working for such a long time in the industry has been great for Aniston but at the same time it was mentally tiring too. The star whose Apple TV+ series, The Morning Show, debuting in September talked about her life right now in an interview with PEOPLE.

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When asked about how she deals with the continuous stress and problems in her personal life, Jennifer Aniston replied, “‘I’ve really gotten a lot out of therapy. Just being a public person, there’s a lot of amazing things that come with that. But there’s also a lot of tough stuff because we’re only human, and we tend to walk around with bulls-eyes on our heads,” she added.

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What is she planning ahead?

The ‘Horrible Bosses’ star, Jennifer Aniston, was married to actor Brad Pitt for almost five years, however, after her divorce from Pitt in 2005, she stayed single for a long time. She got hitched again in 2015 to actor Justin Theroux, but the couple called it quits after two years of marriage. Since then the ‘Friends’ fame has been single.

When asked if she is looking for a romantic relationship right now, Jennifer said, “‘It doesn’t have to be etched in stone in legal documents,” as she is more focused on “finding a fantastic partner and just living an enjoyable life and having fun with one another.”

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Over the years in the film industry various outlets had constantly claimed Aniston to be pregnant. The rumor got so much attention that even ‘The Break-up’ star’s family demanded to know the truth. ‘”Sometimes you can’t help family members or people sending stuff over going, ‘What is this? You’re having a baby? Are you getting married?'” she explained. “It’s like, ‘Oh, good gosh, when and how many years will it take for you to ignore that silliness?'”

How she tunes into her peaceful side

Well, as of now, Jennifer Aniston says that she is in “a really peaceful place,” and also revealed what has helped her to stay sane in all the chaos. Aniston said that she takes out time every day from her busy schedule to sit and look at the sunset from her home. “It’s my favorite moment,” she says.”I wish we could freeze time in that magic hour because there’s a lot of taking it all in, the appreciation of the day and what’s happening.” 

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“For me, I meditate every day – and sitting quietly, writing,” she told the magazine. “That’s enough. And any kind of yoga practice is my meditation. I just have faith in a bigger picture, I guess. And I believe in humanity, even though there’s so much to discourage us from believing in it – but I do.”

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