Jennifer Lopez’s Journey From Nothing To Everything: Hustler Alert!

Happy birthday, JLo!

Jennifer Lopez’s childhood is still an unexplored mystery to some. Coming from a background where her skill and dream to make it to the silver screen was always questioned, it is indeed astonishing to see how she’s risen from the flames. 

Jennifer Lopez’s childhood was not spent in big villas with huge cars 

Instead, JLo was born to a family with little money at hand. Her parents had to save for years before they could buy a two-storied apartment. JLo had always been a confident kid who wanted to explore things beyond academics. Apart from singing and dancing, she also had a keen interest in gymnastics and athletics.  

When she was introduced to the world of cinema and Hollywood via pop culture, she couldn’t help but dream big about getting on THE stage one day. This thought did not fly well with her parents though, who refused to let her pursue that dream. She was told that her wish of becoming an actress was “stupid” and since “Latinos don’t do that,” she should give up on that thought too! But Jennifer Lopez’s hustler attitude ultimately forced them to cave in and nod affirmatively. 

Jennifer Lopez’s net worth as of 2020 is $400 million and her fanbase is beyond a count. Thank god that dream didn’t end here and she packed her bags and went straight knocking at Hollywood’s door. 

JLo enters Hollywood with talent & dreams backing her way up 

Jennifer Lopez’s childhood taught her to hold on to opportunities and never lose faith in herself. With that attitude, she moved to New York City to learn and find her big break. To make ends meet, she worked at a law firm during the day and professionally danced during the night. Her win in the dance reality show ‘In Living Color’ helped her catch everyone’s eye. In 1995, she played a small role in ‘Mi Familia’ and ‘Miss Marquez.’ But her role as the protagonist in the biography of Selena Quintillana Perez is what finally helped her get the much need jump. 

From there, she never looked back. Acting, singing, and dancing, she proved her worth as an entertainer in all fields. Most Jennifer Lopez movies, including Monster-in-Law, Enough, Bordertown, Maid In Manhattan, and Hustlers, give out an unbeatable vibe. Her skill and the amount of heart she puts in every project has always shined through! 

Jennifer Lopez’s childhood stands testimony to what the future holds for the dreamers and the chasers. Happy birthday, JLo! 

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