Jessica Alba Speaks Out Against Sexism: “Wanted To Be Treated Like Men”

She is speaking up!

Jessica Alba breaks silence on her fight with sexism as an actress and a businesswoman

Actress Jessica Alba is speaking out about the sexism she had to face during the early phase of her career as an actress and a businesswoman. The 40-year-old actress joined the film industry back in 2000 with her debut movie “Dark Angel” and since then she has faced sexism in a lot of ways, which she has now revealed in an exclusive interview with People. “I always wanted to be treated the way that I saw men being treated,” Alba said. “Men were told, ‘Oh, you’re really smart’ if you have ideas about the character or the story, where for the women it was like, ‘What? You have an opinion?'” she continued. “It was like you came off as aggressive where a man just looked really assertive and powerful.”

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Jessica Alba has been a part of some big movies like “Sin City” and the “Fantastic Four” franchise over the years, however, according to the mom of three, her experience in Hollywood was “quite oppressive in a lot of ways when it came to women having an equal standing.” It was not just Hollywood that underestimated this lady, but the business world too. In 2012, Alba started her own business, a company with eco-friendly products named ‘The Honest Company’ which has gone public recently in May 2021.

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Jessica Alba recalled how she felt during the beginning of her business days.

“For a long time, I felt like I didn’t deserve it,” she said. “Trying to reach a goal is one thing, but giving myself the space to be successful and acknowledge that, or even giving myself the space to feel intelligent, was hard.” Further talking about how other people doubted her skills and dedication towards the big business she dreamed to grow high, the ‘Awake’ alum said, “I love facts and data, so whenever there’s a naysayer with a laundry list of why everything shouldn’t happen, I love asking questions.”

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She continued, “‘Oh really? Why couldn’t this work?’ And then you collect all the data that you need to come in and hit them over the head with it,” says Alba, 40. “It’s also the way you deliver it. Because if you deliver it with a smile, it’s just facts.” As of now, The Honest Company that sells products ranging from beauty to baby products to household cleaning items has been valued at $1.44 billion. “I actually had the biggest vision right away, and then I had to bring it down to earth,” the actress said about her fast-growing business. “I just knew in my heart that this company should exist. If people knew that they could take their health and wellness into their own hands and make better choices, why wouldn’t they? The hardest part was probably getting it off the ground.”

Jessica has been giving a lot of inspiring and educational appearances these days, and on Monday’s episode of the Rachael Ray Show, the 40-year-old businesswoman was all about advising parents of teenage kids about what they want from them, as she is herself one of those parents now. “They don’t want you to even be right. And in fact, when they talk to you, they don’t even really want to get your opinion, they just want to talk,” she said. “That’s what I’ve learned. It’s not about any advice or opinions. They just want you to say like, ‘Yes, wow.’ “Jessica shares daughters Honor Marie, 13, Haven Garner, 9, and son Hayes Alba, 3, with husband Cash Warren.

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