Jessica Alba Talks About Leaving Her Acting Career During Her Peak

“I want this little person to be healthy.”

In a recent interview with Romper magazine, Jessica Alba opened up about why she left her acting career. Alba was one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood during the 1990s. She is remembered for her roles in Honey (2003), action hero blockbusters, The Fantastic Four (2005) and Sin City (2005), and blockbuster comedies like Valentine’s Day (2010) and Little Fockers (2010). She has also acted in American Television series like Flipper and Dark Angel.

Jessica Alba left her career while she was pregnant with her first child, Honour, in 2008. Since then the super mom has established a well-renowned health and wellness brand, Honest Beauty. The brand got launched in 2011 and has opened up in the UK two years ago.

Health played a major factor in her decision

The actress reflected back to her decision to leave her Hollywood career and said that her pregnancy made her realign her life. She wanted to spend time with her baby and wanted it to be as healthy as possible, as Jessica Alba suffered a chronic illness in her childhood.

“My mother had cancer at a really young age, in her early twenties. I grew up with chronic illness. I had five surgeries before I was 11 years old. I had chronic allergies, and I was hospitalized a lot as a child,” she explained. “I had this real moment of, I want to live and thrive, and spend as much time with this little person that I’m bringing into the world as possible and stay. So, my health matters. I want this little person to be healthy. And it’s really freaking hard to be happy when you don’t have your health.”

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Jessica Alba knew her decision was right

Even when Jessica Alba was at the top of her career the decision didn’t get affected. She wanted to keep her focus on bringing a difference. The 39-year-old felt secured in herself and knew that the decision was something bigger than what she was comparing it with.

“That’s [my health] really what motivated me. My motivation was not like, “Am I ever going to get hired again?” Frankly, I was at the top of my career. I couldn’t go back to what I was doing before and be authentic. I just couldn’t. I didn’t care about it the same way. It was something bigger.”

“I felt like if I was going to have this platform, then what can I do with it that could be meaningful and make a difference? That just felt so real when I became a mum for the first time.”

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Even after her step-out from acting Jessica Alba still gets roles from the industry. Currently, the actress is working on the TV series L.A’s Finest where she is an LAPD detective with Gabrielle Union.

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