John David Washington Talks About Being “Denzel’s Son” In Hollywood

“Cause I’m still not out of his shadow.”

John David Washington revealed how he is still identified by his father’s name

John David Washington, a 36 years old American actor, who is the son of legendry actor Denzel Washington and actress Pauletta Washington, has recently talked about how he is still referred to as “Denzel’s son”. The young actor was recently seen in Netflix’s “Malcolm & Marie” along with his very beautiful and talented co-star Zendaya. David talked to Rolling Stone recently about what he feels still working under his father’s shadow in Hollywood.

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He said “I don’t even know if [people] see me as John David yet, I’m still Denzel’s son. I’m always his son. So it’s like, the day that they start seeing just me is the day that I can maybe better answer that question about celebrity,” he continued. “Cause I’m still not out of his shadow.”

John David Washington was earlier dedicated to making his career in football while he was studying in college, and the ‘BlacKKKlansman’ actor recalls how even then he was treated as his father’s son. However, he never let anything of this sort come in the middle of the relationship between him and his father Denzel Washington.

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John shared: “I literally had situations where [people] think I don’t need my scholarship because I’m Denzel’s son. Well, I feel like I earned the scholarship. I worked hard, I broke my ribs, I got concussions. I worked for that contract, even though I sat on the bench. I don’t operate like that anymore, and some of them have a point — maybe you’re right! But at the time? I’m not going to be denied. I deserve it just like the next person because I’m working my ass off for it. Just because I’m related to him doesn’t mean that I’m less deserving of something, especially when I’m putting in the work.”

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He also never let these things affect him, as after the football incident, he stopped worrying about the comparisons and decided to let his work speak for itself and it seems like it has. John David Washington and his father  Denzel Washington is often seen praising each other while talking to the press. John also revealed that he decided to be an actor a long time back.

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“Acting, I knew I always wanted to do. But I literally wanted to get some aggression out, The growing pains of being a teenager, the stuff I’ve experienced, being the son of someone. I could get that out here,” John continued. “I wanted to be productive with my anger. And I could use it as part of something positive,” he said.

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