John Legend Shared His Experience On Collaborating With ‘Sperry’

John is enjoying it at home!

John Legend has been more creative during the pandemic

John Legend has recently talked to ‘FN’ for this week’s cover story. He spoke about his collaboration with ‘Sperry’ and also about how he has been managing work from home while spending some good time with his family. John is married to model Chrissy Teign and has a daughter, Luna, and a son, Miles. The 42-year-old singer feels that the work-from-home opportunity has given him more time to spend with his family and at the same time it has given him more time to work on creativity. As the world is suffering from the ongoing pandemic, touring and concerts have been kept on a haul for a long time now, which has given celebrities more family time.

“I don’t usually write when I’m on tour, so not being on tour means I’ve been more creative,” Legend said. “It means I’ve been writing more songs. It means I’ve been able to engage with creative ideas more. It gave me more time to focus on this [Sperry collaboration]. I think I’ve been more creative during this time than I normally would be because I’m not running around as much.”

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John Legend joined ‘ Sperry ‘ last year and his shoe collection has been designed through Zoom due to the pandemic restrictions and since then Legend has launched three curated edits of the brand’s shoes. Now, the ‘Love Me Now’ singer is all set to drop his debut collaboration in fall which will include three distinctive styles.“We made [the Tall Boot] with some height that they weren’t used to over at Sperry, but they were into it,” Legend said. “I’m glad they were willing to do something a little different with us. We tried to tie it to some shapes and soles and styles that they already had, but make it new and fresh, and clearly reflective that it was a collaboration,” John continued.

During the interview, FN asked a few fun questions from John Legend about his collaboration with “Sperry”, the reporter asked John about his favorite pair of shoes to which John replied, “When I was a kid, my favorite pair of shoes were my cowboy boots. I would wear cowboy boots with cowboy outfits. I would wear them with non-cowboy outfits like shorts and a tank top in the summer. It didn’t matter. I loved my cowboy boots.”

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John Legend was also asked if he has ever worn a shoe with a heel? He said, “I’ve definitely worn shoes with a heel — boots, usually, like the shape of a Chelsea boot, but a little elevated in its height. I’m not especially tall, so I don’t mind the extra couple of inches.”

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