Johnny Depp – Amber Heard: Sharon Osbourne Slammed For Saying “It Takes Two To Tango”

“She gave him as good as she got.”

Sharon Osbourne has been slammed by a domestic abuse charity for defending Johnny Depp on US daytime hit, The Talk as she said, “it takes two to tango.”

The comment came addressing the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard domestic violence case.

On Monday, November 2, a judge defended The Sun’s decision to brand Depp as a bully. In a summary of the case, it was confirmed that Heard was beaten 12 times by her ex-husband, Depp. As a result, Depp’s career has also been impacted.

The actor, who claims he would appeal the decision, was removed from Fantastic Beasts’ films.

Speaking on The Talk days after the verdict, the 68-year-old star – Sharon compared the pair’s relationship to her violent marriage.

“She gave him as good as she got. Do you know what I think? It takes two to Tango. I think they had a very vulnerable relationship. I think they’re both as bad as each other,” Sharon said.

After her statement, the Domestic Abuse Charity Women’s Aid was outraged by the star’s comments, claiming her words send a “dangerous message”.

Comparing her relationship with legendary rockstar Ozzy Osbourne to the pair’s, Sharon said, “I had a relationship like that with my husband at one time. I would give him what he gave me. He shoved me, I’d shove him back. Some people are like that.”

The star once revealed that in a violent row with Ozzy, she “woke up with two front teeth missing”.

Speaking about Depp and Heard on The Talk, Sharon added, “If there is enough love, you work through it with help. But there obviously wasn’t that love to keep them together.

He was defending himself, she was defending herself. Whatever went on only those two know. They both hurt each other.”

Commenting on how Depp is now losing movie offers because of the case, Sharon also added, “I think that it’s got nothing to do with his acting. We’ve had actors here that have been racist, that have done terrible things, but they’re still starring in movies. But if you’re a good actor and a responsible person on set, what’s that got to do with – if you shove your girlfriend and she cut your finger off?”

With the case getting uglier, Johnny Depp’s fans launched a Twitter war on Amber Heard after he lost his libel battle against The Sun over an article calling him a “wife beater” last week.

The Sun had published an article alleging Depp abusing Amber during their marriage. While Depp repeatedly denies being abusive, he accused Amber of being violent during their relationship, which she denies.

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