Joseph Baena Nails Dad Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Famous Bodybuilding Pose

He is the spitting image of Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Joseph Baena, who is a spitting image of his father the Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger, takes after his famous dad when it comes to his passions for fitness and bodybuilding. His Instagram profile is filled with videos and photos hinting at him following in his father footsteps as a professional bodybuilder. And taking this striking similarity a step further, 22-year-old Joseph Baena recently proved that he is indeed like his father when he perfectly pulled off Schwarzenegger’s 1960s famous muscle flex pose!

On 7th August, he took to Instagram to post a video of himself pumping iron at an outdoor gym in Southern California, with the caption: “Nothing like the good ol tan-pump combo!”

But before you get lost in his golden tan and ripped physique as the California native worked with weight pull-ups to exercise and strengthen his shoulders, keep your eyes peeled for the ending. At the end of this, Baena flashes a big beaming smile and turns around to do a perfect traditional muscle flex, that is very much identical to the bodybuilding pose Arnold Schwarzenegger was famous for when he was as a champion bodybuilder in the 1960s.

Joseph Baena is Schwarzenegger and his family’s housekeeper, Mildred Baena’s son

As shared by sources close to the family, Joseph Baena was born after Mildred and Arnold Schwarzenegger had a one-time affair when the action star’s wife, journalist Maria Shriver was on a vacation. He has four children with Shriver- Katherine, 30, Christina, 28, Patrick, 26, and Christopher, 22.

While initially, he had no idea that Joseph was his son, as he grew up the striking resemblance was too much to be just coincidental. He realized that he had fathered the child and started quietly assisting Mildred financially to support her and his son. 

But in 2011, right after he retired from his post as California’s 38th Governor, he confessed to his wife about having cheated on her. Incidentally, Joseph Baena was born in 1997 just weeks after Christopher took birth. Soon after the revelation, Shriver filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2017 ending their marriage of 25 years. 

Joseph doesn’t share a good relationship with his half-siblings and especially not his sisters, further solidified by his glaring absence at his half-sister Katherine’s San Ysidro Ranch wedding in Montecito, California to actor Chris Pratt. 

But he does have a good bond with his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who Joseph “adores”

From attending his son’s graduation to taking him for bodybuilding training, Schwarzenegger seems to be a doting father. “He wants to be just like him,” said a family source. “They train together at Gold’s Gym in Los Angeles, and Arnold wants to bring him into The Arnold Classic Worldwide, his sports contest.” 

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