Justin Bieber And Hailey Talk About Their Tattoos: “I Would Never Do That”

The one with a secret ‘S’

Justin Bieber talks about his tattoos

Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Bieber have been huge fans of Tattoos. The couple has a lot of appreciation for this art and so they themselves have a large number of tattoos on their bodies.

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While talking to Vogue last week, Justin Bieber talked about his various body tattoos and the reason why he got them. The 27 years old singer has a tattoo of the title of his fourth album, Purpose, on his torso, a treble clef character for music found on his neck, and a Japanese Kanji character for music on his arm. All these tattoos show Bieber’s musical journey, which he started at a very young age and his appreciation for it.

What does animal tattoos represent?

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Justin Bieber also talked about his various animal tattoos, especially the bear tattoo under his right shoulder. “The bear, which I got in New Zealand, represents rest. As tough and resilient as a bear is, it always hibernates, which is so important. We as humans go, go, and go without resting and it can leave us exhausted and drained.”

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The ‘Sorry’ singer also spoke about the Lion Tattoo on his chest. “The lion I got done by the tattoo artist Bang Bang, and it represents having a heart of a lion, Being bold, courageous, strong!” he continued, “I also love the bird on my neck that I got from Dr Woo, It’s a reminder to use the gifts God has given me and give it all I have—to fly above all of the bullshit.”

A tribute to Selena?

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Recently there has been a controversy related to the flower tattoo on Justin’s neck. Many fans are under the impression that the flower tattoo is a tribute to singer Selena Gomez, as on looking closely the letter ‘S’ can be seen hidden in Justin’s tattoo.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up a long time back, and now both the celebrities have moved on and are happy in their lives. However, some of the fans of this couple seemed to connect anything and everything to the two celebrities.

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Hailey’s Regret Tattoo

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On the other hand model, Hailey Bieber, who married Justin in 2018, recently talked about her ‘regret tattoo’ to  Elle magazine. The 24 years old model regrets getting a handgun tattooed on her middle finger, which she got on a girls trip at the age of 18. “I think at 18, I was like, ‘Yeah! That looks cool.’ But now, as a 24-year-old, I would never do that. I think guns are violent,” said Hailey. She also has a fancy script with ‘J’ next to a sparkling North Star tattooed on her ring finger, which represents her husband Justin Bieber’s name.

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