Kaia Gerber And Jacob Elordi Dressed Up As Elvis And Priscilla Presley For Halloween

A recreation of art!

Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi rocked the most iconic look for Halloween

Kaia Gerber, 19, and Jacob Elordi, 24 have been inseparable ever since they were first spotted together at Nobu Malibu on September 1. And as always they also spent Halloween together in the most iconic look. This is the first time that the couple made their relationship official.

Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi decided to recreate their Halloween look by Elvis and Priscilla Presley from around 1970. The look was brought into reality by the makeup artist Sam Visser and the hairstylist Charlie Le Mindu. 

Elvis was a 24-year old American soldier when he first met the love of his life Priscilla who was only 14 at that time. They met at a party in Bad Nauheim in 1959. Elvis was serving with the Third Armed division in Germany. The duo was married for six years and also had a daughter together.

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 According to Vogue Sam Visser said, “Kaia had sent me the idea, as there was a specific photo of Priscilla and Elvis that they wanted to recreate.”He also added, “I love Kaia. She’s always open to trying new things and isn’t afraid to go outside of her comfort zone. We’ve been working together for almost a year and I think we share a love for a lot of the same beauty references, which translates into what we create together.”

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 Hairstylist Charlie Le Mindu who is equally responsible for the iconic look says, “It was more of a ‘70s Presley look instead of ‘60s vibe.” To give a proper beehive look he used his favorite drag technique to backcomb the hair. He only used natural products as her bouffant needed to keep some softness in the hair.  He also said, “Having worked in so many opera houses now, the most important part is that the tulle in front than needed to be fitted and cut specially to her head. That’s what makes it look like her own hair.”

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Kaia shared some behind the preparations that gave life to her look for Halloween

Visser, Le Mindu, and Kaia shared a glimpse of Priscilla’s iconic black smoky eyes and a lavender-colored dress along with purple leggings. Visser said, “We definitely wanted to incorporate the lavender-grayish toned eyeshadow Priscilla would wear. Along with that, we wanted to do a variation of her famous eyeliner.” For Elordi, they didn’t have to do much as he is naturally tanned like Prince Elvis.

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