Kaley Cuoco Is Happy That She Married A Man Who Isn’t Intimidated By Her Success

“He’s so cool!”

Hollywood has, time and again, churned countless romantic films talking about the type of love that is kind and understanding, but in real life, the industry isn’t particularly known for its examples of couples who stay together. Marriages end in divorces and the most dreamy fairytales crash and burn. In this scenario, the rare few who find love aren’t afraid to talk about the priceless wonder they have, just like actress Kaley Cuoco who recently gushed about her husband Karl Cook and how she is beyond grateful that she is with someone who isn’t afraid of her success.

Before marrying equestrian hubby, Karl Cook, The Big Bang Theory star was married to Ryan Sweeting, a former professional tennis player. The duo met in 2013 and after dating for just three months, they got married in December 2013 only to split after two years in September 2015. Citing “irreconcilable differences” Kaley Cuoco had her divorce officially finalized in May 2016.

‘I married someone the first time who completely changed,’ she told Cosmopolitan in an interview. ‘The person I ended up with was not the person I originally met. And that wasn’t my fault – that was his,” she added. “I knew how much I had to give and how much I wanted to receive.”

Recently, during Apple’s  “Armchair Expert” podcast, Kaley Cuoco reflected on the issues that crippled the roots of her first marriage and how her now-hubby is far from the man she first fell in love with. 

“I was married previously and with that person [my fame] was a big problem. Afterwards, I was like I have to be with someone, famous or not, who has their own life,” she admitted.

And now that she is married to Karl, she is constantly impressed by his zeal and talent that contributes to his success. “I think what’s so cool about Karl, and everyone that’s gotten to know him [is] he loves his life and he loves his equestrian world,” she explained. “Like he’s so cool in that arena, literally in that arena, so he is so fulfilled. He does very well in what he does and it’s so important.”

For Kaley Cuoco, Karl is a person who is self-assured and has his own space to nurture without getting obsessed about what is happening in hers. In fact, it was the pair’s common love for horses that brought them together after they met for the first time at a horse show in California. 

“Because I love horses so much and I love riding and that’s a big part of my life, I love what he does so much that I get obsessed with his lifestyle and I’m the one that’s like, ‘This was so cool! You did so good today,’” she said. “And it’s such an interesting community and an interesting job that he has and we just both share that passion and he loves it.”

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