Karen Gillan Has Plans For Her MCU’s Nebula And Dreams Of Joining DCEU As Well

She will kick ass as Batgirl!

The Jumanji star Karen Gill has been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since she was introduced as the Mad Titan, Thanos’ daughter in the first instalment of the Guardians of the Galaxy and sharing his disdain against all living things. Gillan’s character has come a long way since then and while the actress wants Nebula to take a different direction in life, she is not done playing a superhero and wants to be batgirl next!

From a mindless assassin following Thanos’ orders, Karen Gillan’s Nebula has turned into a reliable ally for the Avengers. She even resolved the past antagonistic feeling she harboured towards her adoptive sister Gamora and formed a strong bond with her. But what matters to Gillan is her character’s development post her father’s demise, whom she saw dying twice– once at the beginning of Avengers: Endgame when Thor cut of his head and when 2014’s Thanos was snapped away into dust. She has lived more than five years without him and now has Gamora, her 2014 self, back in her life, Gillan’s expects Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to depict her differently. 

“She’s someone who’s dealt with abuse from her father from such a young age…In Avengers, she had to face the source of her abuse and then actually watch him get eliminated from her life,” Karen Gillan previously said on a virtual panel for GalaxyCon Live . She further added that she wants to see “future Nebula in the sense of what she’s going to be like now that that source of abuse has gone out of her life, how’s she going to build herself back up…I’m interested to maybe try and take her to a place now where she starts to rebuild her life.”

But its not just her MCU character that Gillan has ideas about as she also aspires to be a part of DC Extended Universe and play the coveted part of Batgirl. 

“Batgirl would be pretty cool! Yeah, she’s a redhead,” Gillian told Brazil’s Omelete. Her answer was same when asked if she ever got the opportunity to direct any comic book movie. “Batgirl would be cool for that as well! My favorite films in that world are dark, and my favorite one is Dark Knight,” she explained. “I just love the way that was directed so much so I would love to work in that kind of world as the director.”

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