Karen Gillan Officially Wraps Up Shooting For ‘The Bubble’

The shooting for ‘The Bubble’ has come to an end!

Karen Gillan announces that it’s a wrap for the new Netflix movie ‘The Bubble’

Karen Gillan recently posted a clip on Instagram announcing the conclusion to the shooting of her upcoming Netflix comedy movie ‘The Bubble’.

“THAT’S A WRAP!!!!!!!!!!! On The Bubble!!!!! This film has been a total dream to make. We all feel incredibly lucky to have gotten to make a film right now. Thanks to @juddapatow for making us all so much funnier than we are. I can’t wait for you to see this on @netflix in the not so distant future…ooo,” she captioned the post.

In the video clip, the 33-year-old Scottish actress can be seen dancing with her fellow colleagues who were also involved in the creation of the movie. “This is on our make up truck which saw more dancing than it did make up. @irisapatow @aj.tv @sara_osborn1,” she added in the caption.

What is the movie about and who all will star in it?

Karen Gillan will star in the upcoming Netflix flick titled, ‘The Bubble’ which tells the story of being in a metaphorical ‘bubble’ during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Daily Record. As far as the plot is concerned, ‘The Bubble’ will show a group of actors and actresses stuck in a hotel together because of the onset of the pandemic and strict lockdown and quarantine rules as they try to finish shooting a film together.

Karen Gillan, who’s renowned for her acting in the sci-fi series ‘Doctor Who’, and Pedro Pascal from The Mandalorian will play the lead characters in the movie. Other actors like David Duchovny of The X Files and comedian and actor Rob Delaney will also be cast in the film.


“We’re trying to make a big action franchise film, like we’re number six in the franchise, and we’re all different levels of happy to be coming back for the sixth time,” said David Duchovny to Forbes, about the movie’s plot.

“And it’s really just charting the protocols you have to do to make a movie and then the added pressures of what it must be like for people who’ve been working together for so many years to then be quarantined together, and the kind of petty hatreds and petty competition and just the boredom and the freakouts that would happen in such a pressure cooker of quarantining,” he added.

The other personnel involved with the movie

The movie will be directed and produced by Judd Apatow who has also directed other movies like  ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’, ‘Trainwreck’ and ‘The King Of Staten Island’, and the script is co-written with Pam Brady.


The premiere date for the movie hasn’t been dropped yet, but fans can catch it on Netflix when it gets released.

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