Karen Gillan’s Obsession With ‘Outlander’ Earns Her A Part In The TV Series

A treat for ‘Outlander’ fans!

Looks like fangirling over a show enough does earn you a part in the show. And the 33-year-old Scottish actress, Karen Gillan from ‘Jumanji’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is here to prove that.

Karen Gillan recently earned herself a small part in the hit drama series ‘Outlander’ after a lovely Twitter exchange with Sam Heughan, who plays the character of Jamie Fraser on the show.


Karen Gillan recently took to Twitter to show her love for ‘Outlander’. “Ok I’m late to the party but I started Outlander and I am officially obsessed,” tweeted the ‘Doctor Who’ actress. This tweet definitely caught the attention of Sam Heughan who immediately tweeted back saying, “Still time to find you a wee part Karen…”

And of course, this sent the actress over the moon. She replied with a “Can I be an extra loitering around Inverness asking people “what’s the Craic, eh?”

Karen Gillan’s inclusion in the TV series was confirmed by the official ‘Outlander’ Twitter account, who tweeted, “Welcome to the club, thrilled to have you! I’d warn that symptoms of Outlander addiction may include starting to say anything and everything in a Scottish accent but you’ve already got that covered,” not long after the exchange between Gillan and Heughan took place.


Fans’ reaction to this recent development

And fans couldn’t have been happier owing to the recent progression of events.

One fan wrote, “You can be in everything for me Karen. You will always be my Amy Pond Timetraveling Powerwoman!! So..literally you timetravelled before Claire! Ah timetravel. Just beware a Paradoxon! Or don’t step on a butterfly. Outlander & Doctor Who. My most favourite Shows both need you!” While another added, “Oooh!!! Karen would be a brilliant addition to the show!!! She could be a descendant of one of Roger and Brianna’s kids!Who can tell, maybe our favorite author @Writer_DG has another Outlander story hiding in her brilliant mind?”


But what delighted them the most was the adorable exchange between Gillan and Heughan. A fan commented, “Please, oh please, just you and Arthur in the very back of a crowd or bar or something dressed as a policewoman and a gladiator. Just sitting there eating or something and no one notices,” while another added, “Whooo hoooo she has the hair! #ginger #Scotland @SamHeughan.”


The show will be back for a Season 6

Karen Gillan’s inclusion in ‘Outlander’ will surely be massively anticipated by the fans of the show. This comes following the announcement made by the show that it will be back for a season 6 in the beginning of 2022. “In honour of #WorldOutlanderDay, I’m excited to announce that #Outlander Season 6 has officially wrapped and is coming your way in early 2022 with a 90-minute premiere episode… With the challenges of filming in these unprecedented times, season six will be eight episodes with production on an extended, sixteen-episode season seven beginning next year,” they tweeted confirming the new season.

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