Kate Beckinsale Cat Videos Are Pawsitively Charming The Internet

Meet Clive and Willow.

Kate Beckinsale and her cats Clive and Willow are internet sensation now. Scrolling through her Instagram reveals tons of pics and videos of Beckinsale having fun with her kitties. And while Clive sports a grumpy look through most of their antics, his mom spoils him rotten.

The actress has been spending a lot of time at her home in LA with her cats and Pomeranian Myf since last year. Thanks to the pandemic, the results have been entertaining for both her and the fans with their enchanting silliness.

Among the many cat videos, Kate Beckinsale dropped another adorable video with Clive. Wearing a woollen beanie with pink ears matching the colour of her fur buddy, Kate was seen rubbing her cheeks with the feline.

“Possibly have turned a corner I can’t unturn re expectations of ears,” she captioned the video. And the comments didn’t stop pouring in. While one user said, “I can’t tell if I am more jealous of you for have those pets, or your pets for having you! ❤️ Either way, thank you for sharing them with us!”, another one wrote – “Cat ears may now be a defining requirement in the relationship.”

While People can’t get enough of the cats’ expressions, Kate’s kitty is definitely loving all the attention. Check out all the funny videos of Kate Beckinsale and her kitties.

Drum rolls!

Day before, the 46-year-old star shared another video featuring Clive where the furry fellow was seen drumming. Sitting in Beckinsale’s lap, Clive was seen beating the base of a metal vessel as he entertained his mom. And behind them sat Willow near the dining area, enjoying the show.

Living his life

It’s not new that Clive loves indulging in pampering sessions and dressing up. On many occasions, the cat mom has pampered him sartorially.

Moving on, the fella loves to be showered with gifts.

Then, there was Clive’s trip to the Salon de Beckinsale

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Playing the perfect hairdresser, Kate chatted with Clive asking about plans for a holiday. Apparently, the back garden is where the gentleman cat planned on vacationing.

She also gave Clive a rundown of available services, “We also offer waxing, threading, eyebrow grooming, and anal bleaching, which, I hope you don’t mind me saying, I’d recommend for you just because I so often see you from the back.” Clive enjoyed the trim and fluffing!

A little entertainment goes a long way

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