Katy Perry To launch New Podcast About The Iconic Elizabeth Taylor

Liz Taylor was really an icon!

Katy Perry, 37, is planning to narrate the life story of the 50s “it girl” Elizabeth Taylor through an upcoming podcast. In this new podcast, the singer-songwriter promises to reveal “never-heard-before” stories surrounding Hollywood’s iconic actress who is often described as the “original influencer”.

A little bit on Katy Perry’s latest podcast about Elizabeth Taylor

The 10-part podcast series will be titled “Elizabeth the First,” and will be narrated solely by Perry herself. The podcast will be produced by Imperative Entertainment in association with House of Taylor, which looks over the late actress’ estate, and also the musician’s own Kitty Purry Productions.

Katy Perry also recently opened up to Variety about her upcoming podcast about Elizabeth Taylor.  “Like most people, I was attracted to her glamour, and in my own life, I continue to find myself referencing her through some of my visuals,” she said.


“I’ve always felt a kinship towards her — I’ve even literally bathed in the same bathtub where she made that bar-setting ‘Cleopatra’ deal! I’m inspired by her bold activism, her constant boss moves in business, and through it all, an unapologetic way of loving — all things I try to live in my own life. It’s an honor to be able to share her story in this way,” she added.

What will be included in “Elizabeth the First”?

The podcast series is also set to feature anecdotes and stories from Taylor’s closest friends and acquaintances and will also include exclusive access to audio from the archives of the House of Taylor. Some of the topics that will be talked about in detail is the late actress’ battle against a patriarchal movie studio system as an upcoming female actress, her first million-dollar gig starring in “Cleopatra” to becoming one of the highest-paid actresses of all time, her record-breaking jewelry auction at Christie’s and how her White Diamond range of luxury perfumes created an empire in a time when such things were not thought of.


It will also go in-depth about her struggles with alcoholism and drug abuse and her famous public announcement about getting help for her issues. Katy Perry’s podcast about Elizabeth Taylor will also document her use of her social standing to spread awareness about AIDS and HIV, back in those days.


“We are proud to announce this truly innovative and unique podcast about Elizabeth,” House of Taylor said in a statement.  “During her lifetime, Elizabeth Taylor was arguably the most famous woman in the world. As such, she was talked about, written about, photographed, referenced and celebrated ad infinitum. She was also judged, analyzed and lived her life under the constant scrutiny of the press and public. What makes ‘Elizabeth the First’ extraordinarily special is that this will be the first narrative that explores Elizabeth as the original multihyphenate,” they added.

Who all will be involves with this podcast series?

The “Teenage Dream” singer will also executive produce the podcast series other than narrating. She will do so alongside Imperative’s Jason Hoch, who is producing it. The series is written by Stephanie Koff. House of Taylor’s trustees are Quinn Tivey, Tim Mendelson and Barbara Berkowitz, and its brand strategy consultant is Erin Dawkins. Marshall Eskowitz and Carey Schwartz of Sunset Blvd are producing partners and represent House of Taylor. Jasha Klebe is scoring “Elizabeth the First”.

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