Katy Perry’s 9-Month-Old Daughter Gives Two Surprises, Daisy Is On The Move

Reaching some major milestones.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s daughter Daisy Dove Bloom is growing up fast.

On Friday, the new mom shared that her 9-month-old daughter has hit two big milestones recently. “She’s crawling and she has one tooth,” Perry shared during an appearance on On-Air with Ryan Seacrest. “It’s barely poked through though.”

Giving details about her daughter’s teeth, Katy revealed how she has got them from her mama. “Actually, it’s kind of, like, one of my teeth. Because I have pretty good teeth on the top, but if you were to actually see my bottom teeth, they’re a little interesting. But I think that’s character,” she joked. 

But these two are not the only milestones that Daisy Dove Bloom has achieved.

Back in February, Orlando revealed to Graham Norton on his show that Daisy “has said a bit of ‘Dada’.” 

“Now I sing anything that has ‘Daddy’ in it,” he said on the host’s show. “I’m like just because I want her to say ‘Dad’ before she says anything else.”

Speaking of every mother’s desire to pass on her legacy to her children, Katy Perry has interesting plans for Daisy. In an interview with PopSugar, the “Smile” singer said that she is looking forward to giving Daisy full access to her wardrobe one day.

“I think about it all the time,” Perry, 36, recently told PopSugar. “I do a lot of cleanups, but I do have some stuff always that I’m thinking about.”

“I need them (clothes) to go somewhere,” she said. “I want them to be worn again.”

Now, who would not want to try on colorful and quirky outfits from Katy Perry’s wardrobe?

Right from her on stage and award show looks, Katy Perry always has the attention of the paparazzi for her playful style.

Whether she’s sashaying a wearable chandelier up the stairs at the Met Gala or posing in an elegant gown, Perry always keeps us guessing with her style. And adding more to her personality, her hairstyles and colors have constantly been catching eyes. 

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom welcomed their daughter Daisy in August of last year.

Earlier this month, the “Daisies” singer celebrated her first Mother’s Day since giving birth.

“I found everything i was ever searching for when I became a mother. So grateful for that profound, deep love and honored to join the mama club. Happiest Mother’s Day,” the American Idol judge wrote on Twitter. Meanwhile, Bloom also dedicated a post to Perry on Instagram.

Ever since Daisy’s birth, the proud parents have given glimpses into the daughter’s world. From posting photos of the baby gifts she’s received to talking about her sleeping schedule, Katy and Orlando have shared several details. But while everyone awaits a photo of their daughter’s face, Orlando did tell Ellen DeGeneres that Daisy has “those Katy blues” for eyes.

“Daisy Dove, my little mini-me/mini my mum/mini Katy,” Bloom started. “Yes, the eyes do look like her, but it was funny because when she first came out it was like, ‘Oh, it’s me. it’s a mini-me,’ and then, fortunately, she got those Katy blues, which was perfect.”

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