Kelly Clarkson Has Revealed The Dark Side Of Her Old American Idol Days

“It was a horrible experience.”

Kelly Clarkson opened up about some of the bad experiences she had back when she was a struggling singer competing on American Idol in 2002.

The Kelly Clarkson Show saw its eponymous host going into details of how some celebs were mean to the “Under The Mistletoe” singer, as she opened up to her guest and actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt on the famed talkshow‘s Thursday episode.

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The 38-year-old Kelly Clarkson stated that in 2002 she ran into some celebrities who looked down on talent show contestants and continued to affect her even after becoming a famous singer. “You probably don’t remember this, but it stuck with me [for] so long… almost 20 years now. It was at some kind of MTV Awards, VMAs or something, I don’t know what it was but you ran up to me. It was right in the final three of Idol, everything was happening in a whirlwind and people were really mean to us because we’re from a talent show and it was the first season. Everyone was so rude to us, like, on the carpet, at the show … it was a horrible experience.”

Though not all were mean to the American Idol veteran Kelly as she found her knight in shining armour in Jennifer Love Hewitt, who shared some inspiring words to the 3-time Grammy Award-Winning singer which helped her get through the tough times.

“You came up to me, ran up to me out of nowhere and were like, ‘Oh, my gosh. I’m really rooting for you,’” Explained the Kelly Clarkson Show host. “You told me, ‘Please, keep the ones you love so close. It’ll be a few people in your life unfortunately but this business can be really hard. And just remember to keep those people that really love you.’”

Kelly Clarkson added that “You just gave me this advice that was really kind at such an unkind time for me, personally. So, thank you so much, it meant the world to me.”

Kelly Clarkson is probably American Idol’s most successful singer. She came on the show as a contestant during its debut season in 2002. She ultimately won all the way through the finals where she defeated the runner-up Justin Guarini by singing her debut single “A Moment Like This” and won American Idol.

Check out Kelly Clarkson talking about her bad experiences to Jennifer Love Hewitt below-

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