Kendall Jenner Celebrates First Anniversary With Boyfriend Devin Booker

365, 52, 1

Kendall Jenner and boyfriend Devin Booker gave each other an adorable Instagram tribute

Kendall Jenner and her boyfriend Devin Booker, who have always kept their relationship private and away from the public eye, celebrated their first anniversary last Saturday. In honor of their first anniversary, both Kendall and Devin shared a series of photographs giving a tribute to each other for a wonderful year they shared.

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The 24-years-old NBA player posted three pictures via Instagram stories.

While the first one showed Kendall Jenner looking happy and the caption said ‘365,’ the second picture showed the couple having a summer swim in a lake with a caption ’52’.

The numbers in the caption represent the number of days and the number of weeks they have been together. The third picture was the most beautiful one which included a beautiful sunset. It appeared that location was for their anniversary celebration. The caption read ‘1’.

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Kendall Jenner and her basketball star boyfriend made their relationship official through an Instagram post on this year’s Valentine’s Day. However, the couple caught the eyes of their fans in April 2020 when they went on a road trip from L.A. to Arizona together. The couples love and affection has certainly increased over time, and it can clearly be seen in Kendal’s Instagram tribute to Devin.

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Kendal Jenner too shared some cute PDA pictures with her boyfriend Devin Booker through IG stories on Saturday.

One of the pictures shared by the 35-year-old model included the couple snuggling up while they played with a dog. Another picture showed the couple cuddling each other while Devin hides his face with his hoodie and Kendall with her hand.

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A source recently told PEOPLE, “What first seemed like a fun hookup is now a relationship. They’re exclusive and Kendall is very happy with Devin.” The source added, “And her family thinks he is great. He was even invited to Kim [Kardashian West]’s 40th birthday celebration in Tahiti.”

Another source told E! about why their relationship is so private and how they manage it.

“Devin is quiet and not interested in being in the spotlight or a celebrity. She really appreciates that about him and is attracted to that. They are really similar and love just being low-key and staying in and laughing together,” the source said. “They are a solid couple with no drama. It’s been all positive and Kendall loves being with him.”

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