Kevin Hart: Zero F**ks Given Review: A Much-Needed Dive Into Wacky Hilariousness

“This is my house, and I can say whatever I want”

Cancel 2020– this is, hands down, the reigning thought of this year which has seen its fair share of pandemics, calamities, hate crimes, casteism, colourism, and whatnot. What we need now is to put the year behind us and if you know what separates jokes from serious comments and are not itching to be offended by the mildest reference, then Netflix’s original comedy stand-up package i.e., Kevin Hart: Zero F**ks Given is the thing to set all your LOLs and ROFLs loose. 

It is widely known that the comedian himself was infected with COVID-19 along with his wife. But in true Kevin Hart fashion, he left no aspect of his life for his rib-tickling comedy set for Zero F**ks Given– not his experience of being coronavirus positive, the s** tape scandal that shook his life in 2017, his relationship with his ex-wife, etc. And this time, he performs from the comforts of his gigantic home with a selected batch of viewers present in person. So, when he says “this is my house and I can say whatever I want” a number of times and even begins the set with it, be ready for “whatever” because he delivers on the promise. 

Kevin Hart opens the stand-up comedy special from Netflix with a few hilarious jokes about getting to know about having COVID, the phase of denial he went through, following which he called out the trend amongst Hollywood stars of kinda flaunting the fact that they have been diagnosed as coronavirus positive. According to Hart, both him and actor Tom Hanks were diagnosed around the same time, but he withheld the information and only shared it much later as he knew that sharing the news along with Hanks would rob his announcement of the fanfare he expected as he is “Forrest Gump, you’re not gonna beat Forrest Gump. No shot.”

From talking about his COVID infection to explaining why he prefers to naming it “the VID,” the instant uproar it caused in his house, to calling out the hoarding trend the mere announcement of the pandemic triggered, Kevin Hart swiftly jumps to subtly joke about the 2017 scandal by hilariously criticizing the current trend of taping everything that makes him “not like people.” And as for the fourth Hart baby on his way– while the comedian is all in love with him/her, he has absolutely no plans of fathering a fifth child and plans to chuck some pretty important organs down the garbage chute to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. 

The set sees Kevin Hart frankly lamenting the fact that his kids are getting older and are already aware of things that he is just coming to know, how people are not aware of his “level of celebrity, before making some “racist” Italian jokes and fearing that the “cancel culture” will get to him now. 

There is much more that Kevin Hart packs into his stand-up special and for his divided audience, there is plenty to be offended about and many anecdotes that will set off a fit of giggles. But whatever may be your pick, Hart delivers his best and packs a punch that deserves all the “BOP”s out there. 

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