Kevin Jonas Shares Video Of Daughters Pretending To Be Jonas Brothers

Now that’s an adorable video!

The Jonas Girls Imitate the Jonas Brothers

On Wednesday, Kevin Jonas shared an adorable video of his daughters pretending to be the Jonas Brothers. Kevin is married to Danielle Jonas and has two daughters, 7-year-old Alena and 4-year-old Valentina. On Wednesday, the Jonas sisters used their Dad’s Trophies as a mic and pretended to be the three bandmates while sitting on a shelf in their kitchen.

It certainly looked like their mom Danielle Jonas was enjoying the performance as she can be heard laughing in the background. “I’m Nick!” said Alena while imitating her uncle Nick Jonas, she then added “I’m Joe!”, and then a sweet voice came from the back “I’m Kevin!” said Valentina. The post was also liked by Nick and Priyanka Jonas and was captioned “Whelp.”

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While the girls played to be Jonas Brothers, they seemed to have a little argument over who gets to be their dad Kevin Jonas as Valentina argued Alena “No I’m Kevin”. The two sisters looked absolutely adorable in their pyjamas with their ‘Trophy mics’.

Last year Kevin’s daughters made a surprise appearance during their dad and uncles’ virtual interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where Alena even had a little conversation with Jimmy.

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The History!

‘Jonas Brothers’ is the name of an American band formed back in 2005 that consists of three brothers, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas. The boys initially got famous because of their appearance in Disney channel’s movies and shows. They have released various albums like It’s About Time (2006), Jonas Brothers (2007) and many more over the years. However, in 2011, the very famous Jonas Brothers took a hiatus and concentrated on their solo careers.

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They excelled in their solo careers as well. However, the fans feared that the Jonas Brothers will not get back again in the future, but then Kevin talked about this and said “I think the tides are perfectly lining up for the future of the Jonas Brothers again” and well it was true as the boys came back together in 2019 and have released a lot of top hits since then such as Sucker, Only Human, Like It’s Christmas and Runaway.

The video of Alena and Valentina got a lot of love and appreciation from multiple fans and even celebrities who showed their love in the comments section. Even the Billboard Music Awards official account commented on the video as the girls were using their trophies as their mics.

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