Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Are All Set To Be First-Time Parents!

Jon Snow is gonna be a daddy!

And the news of Game of Thrones’ stars becoming first-time parents continue. It started with GoT’s Sansa Stark actor, Sophie Turner giving birth to her first child, a baby girl with husband Joe Jonas. Even as we are yet to stop going all “Aww!” over Sophie’s baby angel and her adorable name Willa, it is revealed that Kit Harington is going to be a daddy! Rose Leslie has shared that she is pregnant with her first child with the Criminal star!

Rose Leslie, 33, shared the happy news that she is pregnant by flaunting her baby bump for the new issue of U.K.’s Make Magazine. In a progressive turn of events, in her interview for the magazine, the actress wasn’t pestered with questions about her pregnancy and how she will navigate her career as a mother. Leslie is all pumped up about her upcoming role in Death on the Nile and busy reminiscing her GoT days in the interview. 

“It was an incredible experience, and for me – as an actor – it definitely opened a lot of doors with casting directors, and producers,” she said. Kit Harington and Rose Leslie portrayed the star-crossed lovers Jon Snow and Ygritte with a tragic love story on HBO’s Emmy-winning series Game of Thrones. It was sometime in 2012 when the show was on air that rumours of their relationship started stirring. Though the couple briefly split up due to differences, they got back together, this time with an even stronger bond that progressed to them officially announcing their relationship in April 2016.

Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie got engaged in September 2017 and less than two years later, in June 2019, they got married in a beautiful wedding in Scotland.  

As they get ready to reach another happy milestone in their relationship, Harington is busy spending quality time with his wife in their Tudor manor house in East Anglia. According to Leslie, it looks like a “house that Jon Snow built.”

“It’s incredibly old. We have a thatched roof, which currently has an enormous hornet’s nest in it. I do love to think about the house and all the people who have lived there. Were they happy, how did they live? All the families passing under those ancient beams,” Rose Leslie shared, adding that as a pregnant woman, the privilege of being “surrounded by greenery, birdsong and hedgerows, and our delightful neighbours” is “so peaceful.”

But there are high chances that the next GoT star to become a first-time parent will vbe Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson as he had dropped the announcement that he and his wife Kelsey Henson are expecting their first child back in April this year.

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