Know How Lou Ferrigno, The Hulk, Makes 67 Look Super Awesome

Happy Birthday to the man who is incredible in real life too!

If you haven’t watched The Hulk, you have certainly missed the art of good action, incredible acting and an impactful story. While some credit goes to the makers of this saga, the man behind this character, who made us realise the true definition of integrity and moral is Lou Ferrigno. He is turning 67 and we couldn’t have seen a better example of a someone who looks so healthy and enthusiastic even if they’re ageing! 

Though viewers have seen him smashing the evil, breaking down walls, and screaming aloud while punching the bad guy, Lou Ferrigno as Hulk has been every child and adult’s favourite. But there is much more to this huge green man that was never known before. Right from being a health expert to being a man with passion, he has achieved several milestones in his life. On his birthday, get to know much more about Lou Ferrigno The Hulk here. 

Say Hi To Mr America!

Lou Ferrigno was born in New York on 9th November 1951, but was diagnosed with ear infection that could have made him lose his hearing senses. However, being a strong child, he fought through and was soon able to cope up. After he graduated, his strong interest in bodybuilding made him the winner of IFBB Mr America. Ferrigno also started training himself alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and other well-known fitness experts. He soon appeared in a documentary known as Pumping Iron. 

Incredible in real life too, isn’t it?

Lou Ferrigno: The Health Guru

While everyone in the world is a fan of the super talented Michael Jackson, little did people know that Lou Ferrigno The Hulk had trained him several times for better health. Although they spent very limited time with each other (as both of them were in the heights of their careers at the time), both Michael Jackson and Lou Ferrigno had an amazing rapport with each other and were great friends. 

Our Hulk has been known for his fantastic health tips that he would provide to his co-stars on the set. Due to his kind and humble personality, Lou has been everyone’s favourite in the industry.

Ferrigno’s First job

Life is not a cakewalk, is it? Nobody understands this better than Lou . Before stepping into the entertainment industry, he was just a sheet metal worker in New York earning only $10 per hour. As he never thought that someday he would be seen on the silver screen, Lou  dedicated three years to this job. But fate had something else written for him.

He’s Too Cool To Be True

Lou Ferrigno got his first break into the Hollywood industry for the role of The Hulk in 1977. No points for guessing the movie’s name! While ‘The Incredible Hulk’ came as a shock to him and his family, deep down he was determined to play this character as he always believed in trying new things. But pulling this off was not an easy task. To prevent himself from sweating and spoiling the make-up of The Hulk, Lou would spend some time inside a refrigerated motor home. This was because obviously people didn’t have access to the latest make-up technologies back then. Eventually, as years passed, Lou Ferrigno as Hulk became a household name.

Being The Real Life Super Hero

Since his college days, Lou has been interested in serving society and helping those in need. After becoming famous in the entertainment industry, in 2006, Lou Ferrigno was given the honourable opportunity to get sworn in as Deputy Sherrif, level II. This took place in Los Angeles County, California. Kind Lou also participated in a television show called The Celebrity Apprentice which helped him raise money for charity.

Lou Ferrigno’s life is surely as glorious and magnificent as his reel life. We wish an incredible birthday to The Incredible Hulk!

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