Knowing Shiva Safai: From Her New Beau To The Real Reason Behind Her Split From Mohamed Hadid

A mini-introduction to the reality star

Shiva Safai took over our news feeds following her much-publicized split, in December last year, from the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Mohammed Hadid, 71 who also father to supermodels Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid. And while there had been no official confirmation of her split from the real estate mogul, her posting a romantic picture with her new boyfriend, Niels Houweling was all the “official” the world needed!

But did you know that while the news of their split became kinda official only in December 2019, rumors had been that the couple had parted ways far back in the latter half of 2018? You didn’t know did ya? Well, there is a whole stock of facts that you didn’t know about Shiva Safai and you not knowing them ends now! 

We never did get a proper introduction to her new boyfriend. Well, let’s meet him!

As we mentioned, that Shiva Safai pretty much Instagram-officialized her new relationship, signaling the end of her years-long relationship with Mohammed Hadid. And while the Iranian bombshell hasn’t dished any details about how this brand new love story began, what we do know is that her new beau is Niels Houweling, he is Dutch, 26-year-old, and works as a DJ and music producer. Oh, also the fact that they are in luuvvv!

The pair can be spotted getting pretty cozy and all sorts of adorable in the pictures they occasionally share on Instagram like the latest posted by Safai wherein she and her new beau, dressed up for a “fancy date night”- with Shiva Safai in a stunning figure-hugging black gown adorned with a thigh-high split and Niels in a classic grey suit and maroon tie.

Shiva Safai wasn’t always the confident style icon she is today

In fact, there was a time, when she didn’t think she was pretty enough to be the face of on the cover of a magazine. In many past interviews, she has claimed that it was her ex-fiancee, Mohamed, who built her confidence by loving her as she is and putting her anxieties about whether she was skinny or pretty enough to rest, making her confident. 

But not all was rosy in what appeared to be the perfect relationship of theirs as…

…cheating allegations against Mohammed kept cropping up but Shiva Safai kept quiet

Despite Mohamed hinting that the duo ended their more than 5-year-long relationship as Shiva Safai wanted kids and he was, more or less, done fathering any, the real reason for their split appears to be the chronic cheating streak he was on. 

Whether it was his secret three-year affair with aspiring model Justyna Monde or the allegations of misconduct by model Miranda Vee, which he later revealed to a consensual, Shiva Safai pretty much kept mum about the problems in her relationship, but her pictures since the end of 2018 her engagement ring was suspiciously missing from her pictures, hinting towards a quiet breakup. 

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