Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Team Up For New NBC Game Show “Family Team Fight”

Kristen Bell’s kids also hilariously prank her and husband Dax Shepard

Husband and wife Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are taking their partnership to a smaller screen as they are set to host and compete in a brand new NBC ordered game show called ‘Family Game Fight’ which features big, fun games and an even bigger cash prize up for grabs.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s new game show will have 10 episodes. In the show, Bell and Shepard will part ways and be “adopted” into a family of four to help their respective teams win a big cash prize of $100,000 . Coincidentally, this is Kristen and Dax’s first ever joint TV project, which is supposedly based off their hilariously enjoyable Blindfold Taste Test know as ‘Taste Buds’ .

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Kristen had some lovely words for her partner Dax Shepard whom she got married to in 2013, she also showed a lot of excitement for hosting “Family Game Fight”-

“For one of our first dates, I invited Dax over for a game night at my house with a bunch of friends. He said he fell in love with me there because I was a very tiny person bossing everyone around. I fell in love with him too because he’s a very large person who could boss everyone around, but chooses not to. I’m so excited to host ‘Family Game Fight’ and play all day with my best friend.”

As for Dax Shepard he had some very loving words for his about to be on-screen partner –

“Kristen is my favorite human to work with, she’s the most consistently funny, playful and joyful scene partner I’ve ever had. She’s also incredibly fun to look at.”

Watch this hilarious video of Kristen Bell’s kids pranking her

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard got married in 2013 and had two daughters Lincoln,7 and 6 year old Delta who have clearly taken to their parent’s hilarious sense of humor as can be seen in a recent video shared by Kristen Bell which shows Kristen and Dax’s kids playing a hilarious prank on their mom.

Sharing the post on Instagram, Kristen wrote in the caption “So the kids got bored and dug into the Halloween boxes and now I find Mr Bones around the house just absolutely living his best life. Pls note the attention to detail”

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