Kristen Bell Explains Her Character In The Upcoming Movie Queenpins

That’s one powerful girl gang!

Kristen Bell will be sharing the screen with Kirby Howell-Baptiste and Bebe Rexha

Kristen Bell is all set to return on the big screen soon with her yet another movie Queenpins. In this movie, Bell will be seen playing the role of a household woman who gets indulged in a scheme of illegal couponing along with her friend JoJo Johnson, played by Kirby Howell-Baptiste. These two middle-aged women all of a sudden become millionaires due to their illegal scheme, which then catches the attention of two cops, played by Paul Walter Hauser and Vince Vaughn, who wants to bring down these two women.

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Talking about this different but amazing project, Kristen Bell shared the fun she had while filming it in an interview with ET.

“I play Connie Kaminski, a former Olympic race walker [who] felt like she was on top of the world and now she is living as essentially a housewife and is kind of looking for a way to feel valued,” she explained. “Enter: this coupon scam.” Bell’s friend, Jo Jo, who is also involved with her in the scam is played by actress Kirby Howell-Baptiste. This duo has previously worked together in ‘The Good Place,’ and so they are really close to each other. “We kind of play off each other really well,” Howell-Baptiste said of her chemistry with Bell. “There are times when she’s the sort of devil on the shoulder and I’m the angel, and vice versa.”

This upcoming crime-comedy, whose first trailer was dropped on July, 8, also includes another famous name, singer Bebe Rexha. This will mark as the debut film for Rexha, who will be seen playing the role of a tech girl, who helps Connie and Jo Jo in maintaining their illegal-couponing scam while avoiding detection. The ‘Me Myself and I’ singer shared with ET about her experience while filming her debut movie, to which she said, “Doing this, it’s my first time ever acting in a film, and being around film stars like Kirby and Kristen,” she added. “They were patient with me they gave me little tips. I honestly had a blast.”

Queenpins premieres on Sept 10

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Kristen believes in showing honesty on social media

In a recent interview, Kristen Bell talked about why she wants to be honest about her and her family on social media. According to the actress, who voiced Elsa in the popular movie Frozen, believes that telling the world about the reality of her life on social media is to prove that ‘everyone is human.’ “It’s important for [Dax and me] to show that everyone is human,” she said. “Seeing people’s curated lives on social media can lead to a lot of shame, and shame is an incredibly dangerous feeling. So we like to talk about our struggles and be honest about our lives in hopes of combating that impossible ideal of perfection,” she explained.

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Bell and her husband, Dax Shephard, have always been honest about their struggles, and especially the ones they faced during the global lockdown like millions of other people. However, now the 41-year-old, mom of two, is closer to her kids more than ever.

Kristen shares daughters Lincoln, eight, and Delta, six, with her husband Dax Shepard. “Oh, Lord. I’ve certainly gotten to know them more than I ever thought I would, mainly because I’m the receptacle for every opinion or piece of verbal diarrhea that comes into their brain,” she said. “It really forced us in the corner that parenting books teach about … how only boring people get bored, and when your child is bored, it’s actually a sign that their brain is about to make new neural pathways because they can become creative if they can lift themselves out of boredom,” Kristen added.

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