Kristen Stewart’s Portrayal Of Princess Diana Had ‘Nothing To Do’ With The Royal Family

Stewart Pearce, a voice coach, shares his thoughts on ‘Spencer.’

Kristen Stewart was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as Princess Diana in the film “Spencer,” but not everyone was impressed.

Stewart Pearce, the late royal’s voice coach, told Fox News, “Kristen is a fine artist, but the portrayal that she brings has nothing to do with Diana. It doesn’t look like Diana or sound like Diana. It doesn’t have the same flow, grace, or elegance Diana had. What Kristen did is develop a mannered performance where everything is staccato. This was not fundamentally at all part of Diana’s nature. Everything about her was smooth.”

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The film, directed by Pablo Larran, is about the Princess of Wales’ Christmas vacation with the royal family, which occurred before her divorce from Prince Charles.

Kristen Stewart, 31, is now a front-runner for a Best Actress Academy Award nomination for playing Princess Diana.

Pearce explained, “Pablo is obviously fascinated in the hidden truth and the trauma of the feminine. But his perspective is based very loosely on a series of ideas that he picked up… Artists are certainly entitled to their own perceptions, but if you’re going to deal with a biopic about a renowned, iconic world figure who brought about the extraordinary changes that Diana brought about, then I feel an attention to detail is essential.”

He went on to say, “The story felt surreal. While Diana experience great turmoil, she also experienced great triumphs. But in ‘Spencer,’ there’s no redemption. It’s just horror, horror, horror. Maybe that’s what Pablo wanted to create, but it’s not the Diana I knew.”

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Pearce, who previously worked with Margaret Thatcher and the Royal Shakespeare Company before befriending Diana, just published “Diana: The Voice of Change,” a book about their collaboration. It delves into her values and how, as a princess, she became “a force of liberation” until her unexpected death at the age of 36 in 1997.

While Stewart Pearce was not delighted with Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of Princess Diana, he did applaud one actress. Emma Corrin’s portrayal of a young Diana in Netflix’s “The Crown” was “pure delight,” he remarked.

“The way she shaped her body, the way she shaped her voice, the way she breathed, the way she moved – they were all completely in congruence with what Diana was all about,” Pearce said. “She did her homework. What Kristen did was reduce her to a caricature rather than stretching herself as an artist.”

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