Lizzo Reveals What She Eats In A Day As A Vegan To ‘Celebrate A Personal Journey’

Lizzo puts on a chef’s cap & shares some vegan recipes too

Lizzo fans would know that the singer is a vegan superwoman who has always motivated others for this lifestyle since it’s animal-friendly and makes room for peaceful co-existence. Additionally, going on a plant-based diet also helps the body digest food quicker and up one’s energy levels. 

However, people take a vegan diet to be difficult and particularly challenging since the options are limited. But hey, there’s an alternative to everything. Take it from Lizzo, who in her recent Tiktok video shared what she eats in a day. It’s simple, easy, and delicious!  

Lizzo’s vegan diet routine revealed!

To begin her day, Lizzo goes for a coconut green smoothie along with a basic salad consisting of avocado, broccoli, red cabbage, kale, carrots, and white onions.

For lunch, Lizzo keeps it warm and homely with a plate full of meatballs with chickpea and a side of salad. 

Dinner is again smoothie time for her, only this time, she’s taking the sweet route. She blended in some peanut butter, oat milk, strawberries and vanilla protein powder to end her day on an energetic note. 

Oh, where’s the snack, you ask? She mentions that she loves eating ‘Cheetos’ with a hummus dip and has found a vegan alternative to the same. The pop singer also added that instead of colas, she goes for a vegan aerated drink to keep her going in parties! 

She captioned this video saying, “🍃 as a new vegan im enjoying exploring flavors from plants & plant-based proteins! Every journey is personal & deserves to be celebrated!” So true, Lizzo! 

Lizzo puts on a chef’s cap & shares other vegan recipes

The quarantine has made us all friends with the kitchen. Lizzo has also shared some super interesting vegan dishes including a breakfast scramble and plant-based crispy bacon in maple syrup. These names itself have got us drooling, how about you?  

Bottom line is, going vegan doesn’t limit your options at all! These cooking videos by Lizzo show the variety of amazing delicacies that one can prepare. 

Some other vegan celebrities from Hollywood include Ellen Pompeo, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zac Efron, Beyonce, Ellie Goulding, and Madonna to name a few.

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