Lizzo’s Diet On A 10-Day Smoothie Detox Left Fans In Shock

Lizzo gets slammed by fans!

Lizzo was the first big black woman to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine. She is one of the celebrities who promote “body positivity” and has recently shared her journey about self-love publically. She said that she often has negative thoughts about her body.

But the fans were in shock when the “Good As Hell” singer shared her fad diet program. In her Instagram stories, Lizzo shared her diet and what she eats in a day. She also posted pictures of her body transformations from day 1 to day 10 of being in the program. She even posted several videos of herself in the transition period.

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Lizzo’s Diet and Body Transformation

Lizzo’s diet was a “10-day smoothie detox” in which she drank 3 green smoothies and 3 liters of water along with her supplements. Lizzo’s diet did not consist of only smoothies but she ate Apple and Peanut butter, a Vegan protein bar, cucumber in apple cider vinegar, nuts, and some superfood shake along with alkaline water.

Her fans were in complete shock to see the singer be in an online fad which was opposite to her image of body positivity. They even told her that she should not be defined by the standard beauty size and should not make efforts to be in that size gap. “Seeing you promote diet culture is breaking my heart,” one fan wrote in the clip. Another follower wrote: “Whaaat?! No no no! Detoxes don’t work and they definitely do not promote body positivity.” 

Whereas another group of fans were quick to defend their star and gave her a big thumbs up for talking about her body issues. One fan wrote, “Wait people are mad at @lizzo for dieting? Her message is body positivity, no matter the body. I’m a full-sized lady who loves her music and feels empowered regardless if she is on a vegan/smoothie kick. She is a musician who doesn’t just exist to be my role model.”

She even shared her body transformation journey in JJ Smith’s 10-day Smoothie plan. She said that she “So I drank a lot and I ate of the food that f–k my stomach up” and hence she decided to go on that Lizzo’s diet of JJ Smith. She even shared that Day 4, 5, and 6 were the hardest while effortlessly flaunting color-coordinated gym wear. On Day 10 she gave the fans a full twirl as she felt amazing in her skin and it felt great to “reset her stomach”. “I felt f–king great too,” she said while ending the transforming journey.

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Why Lizzo started the detox?

In her video Lizzo shared about why she started the detox. She said that she felt “afraid and ashamed” to post things like this online. “As a big girl people just expect if you are doing something for health you are doing it for like a dramatic weight loss and that is not the case.”

She shared that she ate a lot of spicy things that didn’t suit her stomach hence, she wanted to “reverse” that and “get back to where she was”.

“I am so proud of myself, I am proud of my results umm. My sleep has improved, my hydration, my inner peace, my mental stability, my f–king body, my f–king skin, my eyes. I feel and look like a bad b–tch and I think like that’s it, I am a big girl who did a smoothie detox.”

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Well, Lizzo is definitely gonna inspire her fans to love their bodies in any form despite the hate. Although the singer has clearly told that she never did it to lose weight or get a drastic change. She did it to cleanse her skin and health and in all be more active about her lifestyle and body.

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