Look At How Your Favorite Celebrities Celebrated Mother’s Day 2021

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Happy Mother’s Day 2021- Mother’s day is an occasion when you show some extra love and concern to the most important woman in your life. A mother is a pillar of strength, and therefore, she deserves all the love. Have a look at how your favorite celebrities made the occasion extra special. 

Barack Obama penned a sweet post in honor of all the mothers. He also talked about adoptive moms and foster moms in his post.

Barack Obama shared an Instagram post on Mother’s Day 2021 and wrote-“On this Mother’s Day, I want to thank Michelle for being such an incredible mom to our girls. And I hope you’ll take a moment to thank the women in your life who love you in that special way that mothers do: biological moms, adoptive moms, and foster moms; single moms, grandmoms and godmothers; aunts and mentors—all the people who come to mind when you think about Mother’s Day. Or take a moment, like I will, to remember the moms who raised and sustained us, and who we miss every day—no matter how long it’s been. All of these amazing people deserve our gratitude, today and every day.”

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Vanessa Morgan shared a loving post for her little boy.

Vanessa Morgan wrote in her Instagram post on Mother’s Day 2021, “To the boy who made me a momma. River Dante 🕊Grateful everyday your lil soul chose me. Brings tears to my eyes how happy you make me. To all the moms out there living that no sleep life and sacrificing day after day for your lil ones, i SEE you, you are beautiful, you are all SUPERWOMEN, you birthed LIFE, Happy Mother’s Day 🌸💐🌷🌺 Go give your moms a big hug! Sending you all love & light.”

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Nick Jonas also expressed his love for his mother as well as Mother in Law on Mother’s day

Nick Jonas also showed some love for his mother on Mother’s Day 2021 by writing, “Happy mother’s day to all the moms out there. I am so lucky to have the best mother and mother in law in the world. Love you @mamadjonas and @madhumalati #happymothersday.”

Ryan Reynolds expresses his love to his mum and appreciates her for always guiding him.

Ryan Reynolds also shared a sweet message on Mother’s Day 2021– “It can’t be said enough… you’re the heart and soul of every moment this family shares. I’m grateful for the light and for the kindness you smuggle into each and every second of our lives. I see you in the eyes of our children… Every laugh. Every blink and every thoughtful moment of vulnerability. The tender grit it takes to be a mother in 2021 is an act of pure strength and heroism. Never could I have predicted anonymous airport bathroom s** would lead to this. Or how you’d hire Dog The Bounty Hunter to find me. Either way, I’m lucky to reflect a little of the sunlight you shine on all of us. Happy Mother’s Day, my love.”

Will Smith shared a funny incident in his message for Mother’s day 2021.

Will Smith shared a message on Mother’s day 2021 by writing- “Happy Mommy’s Day, Mommy! And Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers of the world. Oh… and Mom, I’m sorry about that time when I was a senior in high school, and you caught me in the kitchen with my girlfriend. But you should’ve been asleep.”

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Kaley Cuoco shared a lovely picture with her mother

Kaley Cuoco showed love for her mother on Mother’s Day 2021 by writing, “Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there , especially this one! @laynecuoco you’re one in a million 💘”

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Chris Evans also shared a message on Mother’s Day 2021- “Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! (But especially mine 💙)”

Dwayne Johnson talked about his mom’s struggles that includes cancer survivor, evictions, and head-on collision in his Instagram post.

Dwayne Johnson showed his gratitude on Mother’s Day 2021 by writing, “In honor of Mother’s Day, here’s my sweet/evil 😇😈 mom @atajohnson pushing our fully clothed family friend in the pool 🤣. Disregard my evil, approving laugh 💀Happy Mamas Day to ALL the amazing moms out there – we love you! And to my mom, who, despite her wicked ways, is truly the NICEST and most LOVING woman in the world. Just don’t cross her, as she’ll lay the smackdown on all your candy asses 👋🏾 😂 #happymothersday❤️

Dwayne Johnson also shared another instagram post in which he wrote-“Proper Mama’s Day pic ❤️🎈.”

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He added, “I always say if you gotta a good mom, then you have a real shot at turning out to be a decent human being. Man, I got lucky. My mom’s been thru it all….cancer survivor, evictions, head-on collision by a drunk driver, suicide attempt (still to this day she has zero recollection of me pulling her off the middle of the highway avoiding oncoming traffic) and decades of being married to a ramblin’ pro wrestler. Tough life. Tougher woman.”

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