Machine Gun Kelly Flaunts His Tattoos On A Lunch Outing

So many tattoos!

Machine Gun Kelly was recently seen enjoying his lunch with a good friend. The famous rapper was seen talking with his friend as they both went out in Los Angeles to grab a bite on Saturday.

Machine Gun Kelly flaunts his tattoos as he wore a black-colored fishnet shirt. He also paired this shirt with brown-colored leather pants as he went to have lunch. 

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Earlier, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were also seen on a double date.

According to sources, “They are very serious and plan on spending the future together. There will be an engagement at some point, but they are not engaged now.”

According to sources: ‘It’s special, and they’re more in love than ever. They’re hardly ever apart. He wants her with him all the time. She even went to Georgia with him last month when he was shooting movie [One Way] to be supportive. He’s so much more balanced and so much happier when she’s around, so having her there was a big help for him. She has blended so well into his life. His friends love her. She gets along great with his daughter [Casie Baker].’

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The source added- ‘Even though things between them moved really fast, this isn’t a case of something that is just lust. They have a deep emotional connection. It’s real love.’ 

Richard Colson Baker is professionally named Machine Gun Kelly, is one of the most famous rappers and actor in America. Machine Gun Kelly has quite a few tattoos on his body, 49 to be precise.

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Some of the Machine Gun Kelly’s Tattoos are-

“71 North” 

According to sources, “71 North” reminds Machine Gun Kelly that he can take the 71 north bus whenever he feels homesick.

 “216 East

According to Machine Gun Kelly, “The numbers are area codes — Denver and Cleveland. Those are the two cities that molded me into a man. I was in Denver when I was 9 to 14 [years old]. Those were pivotal years in my life where I started being mindful of the world. All my first police run-ins were [in Denver].”


According to sources, ‘557’ is the number of the hotel room where Machine Gun Kelly had a great time.

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Machine Gun Kelly also has a w*** tattoo on his body. This tattoo also shows that he smokes. During his childhood, he has been a victim of bullying also.

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