Madonna Completes Her ‘Trilogy Of Tattoos’ With A New Word

Madonna has a new tattoo in her collection.

Madonna has a new wrist tattoo to add to her collection of small, delicate tattoos.

“I’m completing the trilogy of tattoos that I planned to do,” the 63-year-old music legend said in a video posted to her Instagram account on Sunday.

The “Vogue” singer was spotted in what appeared to be her own home, accompanied by tattoo artist El Ramirez and four of her children: son David, 16, daughters Mercy James, 15, and twins Stella and Estere, 9.

She told to her younger children that the new pattern was the Hebrew word for “kissed” during the process.

On her wrist, Madonna chose a spot right below her first tattoo, which features the initials of all six of her children.

Her third tattoo is a “X” on her other wrist, which she got in May in honour of her alter character Madame X.

She wrote in the caption of the video, “Completing the trilogy of tattoos……. I choose to do this year – וישקהו ‘kissed’. Life is a journey to remove the Space between ourselves and humanity. Happy Chanukah.”

Madonna altered the script at the end of the video, taking control of the needle and applying ink to her tattoo artist. She drew a “X” on the top of Ramirez’s hand, indicating that she was at best a novice tattoo artist.

“It’s my first tattoo. Don’t tell anyone I did it,” at the end of the video, she made a joke.

The word “Ve’yishakhu” was reportedly tattooed on the Queen of Pop’s wrist while she was at a tattoo parlour with four of her children.

The Hebrew word for “kiss” is “neshika,” according to Israel Hayom, whereas the word Madonna chose — “Ve’yishakhu” — comes from a Genesis verse that is usually “interpreted as indicating that Esau’s heart was not behind the kiss he bestowed on his brother,” Jacob, and is apparently used in a negative sense.

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