Maisie Williams Asks Her Twitter Followers If She Should Go Long On Bitcoin

Blackfolio, Silbert and Elon Musk repond!

Maisie Williams is confused about investing in leading cryptocurrency

The 23-year-old Game Of Thrones star Maisie Williams is thinking about joining the celebrities who have invested in Bitcoin but she seems to be a bit confused about it. Therefore, on Monday, she posted a poll on her Twitter handle to ask whether or not she should go long on Bitcoin.

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Maisie Williams asked her 2.7 million followers on Twitter, “Should I go long on Bitcoin?” Going long in simpler terms means assuming that the coin’s worth will go up. We don’t know if she’s made up her mind to invest in Bitcoin or not but what we know for sure is that she has created quite a stir with her poll.

There were many who wanted her to go long on Bitcoin. But around 53.4% of the people voted against investing in leading cryptocurrency. One of the followers commented, “Central Banks are going to make their own crypto, if u think they’re going to let the private currencies flourish. crazy if u think.

Another follower commented, “You’re rich. Bitcoin is highly volatile. You can play with 3% of your money in highly volatile investments. Not more. Only use the money you can lose and don’t expect to see again. The post received more than 900,000 votes. About 1.6K Retweets, 1.5K Quote Tweets, and 14.1 K Likes.  Maisie Williams’ net worth is said to be about $6 million.’

Elon Musk advises Maisie Williams if she should invest in bitcoin or not

Elon Musk, Chief Executive Officer of Tesla and Spacex also jumped in to advise The New Mutants actress. He commented, “Toss a coin to ur Witcher.”

Elon Musk was not the only celebrity who advised Maisie Williams. There were many others. Blackfolio commented in favor of buying Bitcoin. He commented that Maisie Williams should “join the free folk, long bitcoin.” Barry Silbert commented, “you should check out Grayscale (the other one).

While Riccardo Spagni commented, “Quick! Let’s convince her to buy ETC or Horizon or Bitcoin Cash or ZEC.


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