Maisie Williams Flaunts Her Bod On A Bike For Her Upcoming Punk Miniseries “Pistol”

She looks completely identical to her role of Pamela Rooke

Maisie Williams flaunted her body in a revealing look for her upcoming punk miniseries “Pistol” depicting the real-life iconic band “S** Pistols”.

Maisie Williams, who is known for her phenomenal performance as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, has completely transformed herself to play the role of the English model and close follower of the punk band, Pamela Rooke.

Just like the first time she was seen in the edgy-getup, Maisie Williams wore a transparent yellow coat and underneath she was topless. What was different this time was that she was being shot riding a vintage bicycle.

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What stole the spotlight was her bleached hair, propped up with probably a hundred coats of hairspray. This is completely in tune with Pamela Rooke’s pioneering aesthetics. Maisie Williams also wore her iconic raccoon make-up around her eyes, which made her look all the more powerful.

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According to the Daily Mail, Maisie Williams rode the bike on the roads of Dover seafront in Kent, England. The scene involves Maisie Williams riding past other extras who were dressed in the aesthetic of the 1970s.

Two extras definitely stuck out, as the duo consisted of a mother and her son—as Maisie William’s Pamela Brooke rode past, the mother could be seen covering the eyes of her young son, which is definitely a part of the scene.

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Who is Maisie William’s character Pamela Rooke?

Pamela Rooke, who is now 65 years old, invented her unorthodox look, which made her an icon of the Punk phenomenon of the mid-1970s. The focus of the Danny Boyle directed mini-series, “Pistol” which is the punk band “S** Pistols” had become popular right around the same time.

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She has also closely worked with the fashion giant Vivienne Westwood and also her iconic S** boutique which was located on Kings Road in London. The boutique specialized in the punk aesthetic. Pamela got close with S** Pistols ever since she attended many of their early concerts.

Danny Boyle’s upcoming mini-series, “Pistol” will also star Toby Wallace, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Louis Partridge, Talulah Riley, Dylan Llewellyn, Anson Boon, Sydney Chandler, Emma Appleton and Christian Lees.

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