Maisie Williams On Being Arya Stark And Life After Game Of Thrones

About the epic drama and what lies next for the actress

Maisie Williams came in the spotlight from the young age of 14 with Game of Thrones. Those who have watched the series know that it was and will remain unparalleled in many ways.

The cult drama enjoyed a soaring popularity during its eight-season run, making each lead actor a household name. And Maisie William was no less. Her portrayal of the tomboyish and feisty Arya Stark immediately appealed to the masses.

But when a series of such magnitude comes to an end, as Game of Thrones did last year, the actors are faced with important questions. There’s the fear of what comes next, whether anything will be as good as GOT, the fear of being typecast and more.

It’s like they are all in a bubble and the end of the series just bursts it.

Answering all this and more, Maisie Williams engaged in an insightful conversation with Wonderland. Here are some snippets from their chat.

On Game of Thrones ending

GOT took a decade of Maisie William’s life but it seems like the young actress had no trepidations about the series coming to an end.

“It’s been nice taking a step away from it all, definitely,” Williams said. “I feel quite relieved still, to be honest with you. [Season 8] was a lot to shoot, and then when it came out the hype around it was so overwhelming. I don’t know that it could have got any bigger, so it was nice that it stopped.”

“You’re so stuck in the schedule of shooting and promoting that your whole life just ends up revolving around the show, and you don’t really get any time for yourself, so it’s been really nice to leave all of that behind.”

On being Arya Stark

Playing the dark Arya Stark was certainly not a cakewalk. However, Williams was more troubled by people not being able to draw the line between the actor and the character.

“It is weird because people think I am [Arya],” she said.

“They think I’m the character, and they want to ask me why the character did something like we’re the same person. That’s weird to get your head round, because I feel very different to the characters that I play; it’s strange to have to entertain that because it’s such a bizarre concept.”

“It’s actually nothing to do with me […] It’s up to you to think about and decide for yourself, you know? There’s no right and wrong answer to understanding a TV show, it’s just your opinion.”

Maisie added that she was “very pleased” with how Arya’s chapter was closed in the series. “I feel like the character was wrapped up really well, and she had a pretty positive ending which is all I could have really asked for.”

Maisie William is gearing up for Two Weeks to Live

Next up for Maisie Williams is Two Weeks to Live, a series where she plays the lead Kim Stokes. Describing the show, she said it is filled with action and drama but is a comedy at heart.

“I think for me it was very important after Game of Thrones to do something that was contemporary, but also that was tonally very different, that didn’t take itself too seriously. I think with Kim and Two Weeks to Live, I’ve really been able to do that,” she added.

But that’s not it. Williams also has two big movies lined up – the X-Men installment: The New Mutants and The Owners.

On her future projects

Now, the bottom line for Williams is that her work should coincide with her interests. “Despite being part of one of the biggest shows on earth, I don’t know that — if I wasn’t on the show — I would necessarily watch it,” she said.

“I know that loads of people say that, and then all of a sudden they [fall] in love with it, and that could be the case for sure. But in terms of that sort of genre it’s really not my thing at all, so what excites me about the future […] is something that resonates more with my personality, and my taste.”

Maisie Williams is just 23 but is surely wise beyond her years. Working on Game of Thrones has taught her enough about the industry to make “don’t strive to be famous, strive to be talented” her mantra.

Concluding the chat on an introspective note, Maisie said she wants to be remembered as someone who did what she wanted to do and “was unapologetic”.

To sum it up for you all, Maisie Williams loves what she does, chooses projects she’s passionate about and is here to stay!

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