Maisie Williams Rocks An Edgy Look For New Show On Punk Band

Maisie Williams goes punk!

Maisie Williams startles fans with new alt look!

Maisie Williams recently revealed her look for her role in the new show on the popular punk rock band S** Pistols. And boy is her transformation noteworthy!

Maisie Williams is more popularly known for her character of Arya Stark in the hit TV HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’, who is adored by the fans, but the 23-year-old actress didn’t shy away from stepping out of the shadow of her previous character and undergoing a complete makeover for a new show, ‘Pistols’ which is based on the popular 70’s punk band.

The actress’ punk look for the new show

According to the Mirror, the actress was spotted rocking blonde hair, dark and grungy eye-makeup, a sheer and see-through outfit as she prepared for her role of the punk icon Jordan. But what is most noticeable about her look is her hair which was back-brushed into an alternative style known as the ‘beehive’ style very common to the aesthetic during the punk movement. This edgy hairstyle is very different from Maisie Williams’ natural brunette hair.

Her eye make-up also stands out, as they were painted with dark eyeliner and made into an extreme winged look, further intensifying the ‘punk’ and rebellious getup which could be observed in the particular subculture.


Maisie Williams’ alternative look was complete with pale makeup and bright red lipstick. Her outfit consisted of a vinyl-made neon green see-through dress that had a high collar and a long, flared skirt. She paired them off with black stockings with harnesses, black high-waisted short-shorts and white pencil-heeled short boots.

The photos that were gathered by the paparazzies show Maisie Williams going into a re-creation of fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood’s shop.

Who all are included in the new show ‘Pistols’?

Maisie Williams will be playing the role of Jordan whose real name was Pamela Rooke, in the show ‘Pistol’ directed by Danny Boyle. The series is based on S** Pistols guitarist Steve Jones’ memoir, ‘Lonely Boy: Tales from a S** Pistol’. Maisie’s character was a model during the era of the punk band and was also known for her association with the band during their peak times in the seventies.


Other cast members include Anson Boon in the role of John Lydon, Toby Wallace in the role of Steve Jones and Louis Patridge in the role of, the infamous bassist of the band, Sid Vicious. The show will tell the story of the band’s rise to fame in London. It will also tell the story of their association with fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.

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