Maisie Williams Talks About Climate Change By Reading Some Excerpts From The Green New Deal

Maisie Williams voiced her opinions about climate change

Maisie Williams, who is popularly known as Arya Stark from Game of Thrones recently read some excerpts from the Green New Deal from congressmen Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez. She says, “This is a resolution, recognizing the duty of governments (and all of us little people) to create a Green New Deal.”

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Did you know that Maisie Williams is an ardent climate activist?

The New Mutants star has collaborated with Dazed on their new Dazed Text series. It is a campaign started to raise awareness about climate change, economic equality, and affordable and clean energy.

Maisie Williams believes in using her platform and popularity to talk about this sensitive issue. She focuses on achieving “net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, creating millions of good, high wage jobs and securing clean air and water, healthy food, and a sustainable environment.”

 She also voiced her opinion on uplifting the “indigenous people, communities of color, migrant communities, low-income workers, unhoused people with disability” and basically the minority classes of the society.

Maisie Williams knows how to make the correct use of her stardom

Last year in an interview with Dazed, Maisie Williams voiced her concern about climate change and its impact on the generations to come. She said, “I want children of my own in the future, but it scares me that the world they will live in could be unsafe. I don’t want to be denied the right to have a child because the world is burning.”

The Game Of Thrones star, 23, is making as much contribution as she can. She is currently working on a documentary called ‘Searching for Chinook’ which is about salmon fishing and protecting endangered Whales.

How can the Green New  Deal make an impact on our lives?

Green New Deal is a visionary plan and an environmental movement to ensure global justice. It helps communities and countries to reduce their carbon footprints quickly and fairly. As stated by Dazed, “A Green New Deal would have global justice to its core, supporting all peoples and countries to decarbonize quickly and fairly.”

It was initially proposed almost thirteen years back in 2007 as a collective societal mission to transform our economy.

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