Matt Damon Spotted In Medieval Robes As Shooting For ‘The Last Duel’ Resumes

Even The Corona Virus Cannot Stop The Epic Duel.

Matt Damon is back on the set of The Last Duel after it’s production had to be shut down during the initial boom of the pandemic back in March, which has put the production of various movie projects in danger.

Ridley Scott’s drama set in the middle ages resumed its shooting on Monday at the Cahir Castle in Ireland where stars of the epic film Matt Damon, Jodie Comer, and Adam Driver arrived wearing the Medieval drip.

Paparazzi’s and fans captured Matt arriving on the set wearing a 14th-century white tunic with suede trousers and knee-high leather boots. He sported a mullet and a scrappy neckbeard along with a prosthetic scar on his right-cheek which added to his royal look. The only object he held from the modern world was a face shield in his hand.

Later Matt Damon’s co-star and Killing Eve’s Villanelle, Jodie Comer who is also his on-screen wife, arrived to shoot a scene, she looked like a total queen apt to her role fashioning a velvet pink gown which fitted snuggly around the waist by a beige corset. Her blonde hair looked aesthetic as it was immaculately braided around the sides which definitely competes with the iconic Princess Leia braids

On-screen couple Damon and Comer accompanied each other for a scene where they walked around the castle for a scene. This time their outfits were covered by heavy fur-lined robes and wore the face shield following the COVID guidelines as they were surrounded by crew members.

But Matt Damon didn’t look as cool as Adam Driver who although did not reveal his costume, looked a total badass as he wore a black windbreaker and covered his face and the look in his eyes remind us that he hasn’t let go of his inner Kylo Ren yet.

The Last Duel has been co-produced by besties Matt Damon and Ben Affleck who is also playing the role of King Charles VI though he wasn’t seen on the set. The movie is based on the novel The Last Duel: A True Story of Trial by Combat in Medieval France written by Eric Jaegar which is set in 14th-century France where Damon plays the historical figure and a Norman Knight, Jean de Carrouges who is best of friends with squire Jacques Le Gris But Carrouges accuses Jaques of sexually assaulting his wife Marguerite de Carrouges played by Jodie which then leads to a trial by combat between the two friends.

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